You've taken my heart
And hidden it well,
Opened the secrets that
I thought I'd never tell.

Every smile in my direction,
Every conversation shared,
Every word you've ever spoken,
Was stashed away in there as well.

I wonder what you think,
Every time you steal a glance.
I wonder how you feel,
When you take every chance.

My heart has been hidden,
Hidden very well.
I wonder if you know the secrets
That I tried to never tell.

I always think it unfair of you,
To play emotions so brashly.
But sometimes there's a thought,
That maybe you too stumble blindly.

But I cannot tell you how
A blind man has taken my heart;
For there are many things
That I could list, that I love in your impart.

Your eyes search my soul,
Your smile lights the world,
Your passion burns like hot coals,
And your emotions are swirled.

Your eyes search out mine,
Your smile triggered by my voice,
I hope your passion burns for me,
Your fickle, but not by choice.

You've hidden my heart and stolen my love,
And also control my world.
Never forget, you also control,
The hurt your stealing has unfurled.