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Buzz! Buzz!

Sudden light illuminates the room as the male in the double bed fumbles around, searching for his vibrating cell phone. He is brunette with his hair in disarray from sleep (and, judging by its dampness, a recent shower) and gray eyes, bleary from sleep. He pushes the heavy red comforter away from him, setting his bare feet on the floor as he reaches out his hand, finally locating his pants, which hold his cell phone in one of the pockets. He flips the device open, murmuring an inquisition.

"Hey, Ash." The sound of the voice from the other line made the brunette gasp slightly, his hold on the phone tightening. He knows who has called him, and he can tell why. The tone of the voice that spoke is innocent on the surface but below it is a definite air of seduction, and the husky sound of need. "What're you doing?"

Ash closed his eyes and exhaled sharply, reaching up his other hand to pinch the bride of his nose. "Michi, why are you calling me?"

The caller, Michi, gigled in an oddly innocent way for a boy. In his own home in florida, the eighteen year old lie on his stomach, wearing nothing but a leopard-print g-string with a very obvious lump within them. "I miss you."

Those words seemed to relax Ash, because he sighed again and let his hand fall from his face, using it to hold his cell while he let his now-free hand feel around for his glasses. "I miss you, too, Michi. But I gotta get some sleep, baby. My meeting's at six, so I only have," he glanced at the clock, which showed 4:30, "less than two more hours to sleep."

The brunette listened to the sympathetic sounds his boyfriend made, lying back on the bed in frustration. "Why'd you call again, hon?"

michi smirked and ran the fingers of his free hand over his thigh, occassionally letting them slip over the half-revealed cock under the fabric of the underwear. He moaned and rolled onto his back, repeating the action and the sound. "You sound tense, baby..."

"Oh, no you don't, michi." Ash interrupted, a blush staining his cheeks. "I'm not having phone sex with you."

The ninteen year old student could practically hear the pout in his lover's voice when he said, "Why not? We've done it before, and more. Remember last spring break? I rode you out and woke you up in the best way...

Ash felt his face heat up further at the sound of Michi's voice, and at the words the boy was whispering. he recalled the instance Michi was speaking of with perfect clarity: they had been together in Florida for spring break after not having seen each other for weeks, and they had been way too deprived. On the way to Michi's house, they'd stopped a few times for a game of "touch-me-there, please," and a little fun on the side. When they had managed to get to the house, both brunettes had headed for the bedroom, stripping on the way.

From there, it had been twenty-four hours of non-stop sex, only ending when both boys had passed out, and starting again when michi had decided to wake up his boyfriend with a very hot blow-job.

"You're thinking about it right now, aren't you? Oh, I bet it's getting you so hard..." Ash blinked when he heard Michi's voice, trying to recollect his scattered thoughts. As they started to reform into something coherent, they became aware of something: a throbbing at Ash's crotch. The boy blushed madly, panicking. "Michi, stop."

"Oh, but you don't want me to. Come on, Ash...just a little bit? Wouldn't it feel so good, for the two of us? You can imagine me with my lips around that thick cock of yours...come on, you know you want it..." Michi stroked over his cock again, moaning. "You know, I'm wearing that g-string you like..."

Gray eyes widened behind their glasses as Ash got a sudden vision of his boyfriend, a boy with sandy brown hair and tanned skin, wearing nothing but that spectacular leopard g-string. The blood rushed down from his face, and his cock gave a violent throb, making the boy moan a bit as he tried to ignore it. "Michi..."

"Mmh, I knew it. Come on, let me hear you. What are you in, huh? What do you want? Do you remember how hot it was, that third day, when we tried rimming? Oh, I can still feel your tongue down there..." Michi reached over to his bedside, grabbing up a dildo that had been lubed up, moving the back part of the g-string to let it rub around his entrance. "Mmnh, I wish this was your tongue, or your cock, but for now a dildo has to do....oh, it's teasing me so much..."

Almost without thinking about it, Ash's hand moved to his crotch, and he was grateful that he had gone to bed completely naked. He wrapped his hand around the base of his dick, starting to stroke the underside. "Michi......oh, Michi, you've got to stop it..."

Those gray eyes closed and the boy imagined his boyfriend kneeling in front of him, opening his mouth and wrapping his lips around the head of his erection, bringing it into the warm cavern of his mouth. Ash's head fell back and he moaned loudly into the phone, stroking up his cock once.

The sound of his boyfriend's moaning made Michi smile as he panted, teasing himself more with the dildo. "Oh, but you like it..." He turned the sex toy on and thrusted it inside him, crying out at the feel. "Ah-haa, Ash, I want you inside me!"

Michi's sounds were making Ash too hard, too needy. He wanted to be inside the boy, wanted to feel those tight walls around him, to hear Michi scream and to feel his skin as they fucked hard into the night...He could already picture Michi arching his back up, screaming in pure need and ecstacy when their first round was over, getting ready for another one just a few minutes later... His hand moved faster and faster, thumb covering up the head, other fingers reachin down to stroke at his balls. "Hnn, I want to be in you, Michi...oh, gods, Michi, I want you around me, I want to cum in your mouth...or better, in your ass..."

Ash knew just what to say to make Michi hot. The boy was panting hard now, and he was thrusting the dildo into his entrance over and over again, opening his legs wider. "Oh, Ash, I want you in me, I want you to touch me...."

The pain in his cock was almost unbearable now, with what Ash's boyfriend was doing. He panted and turned the cell on speaker, setting it on the nightstand and using both hands now to stroke his penis, squeezing tightly. "What else do you want? T-tell me, Michi...."

"I want you to squeeze my cock. I want your dick in my asshole, I want you to scratch my back until it bleeds and we're crying and cumming and then I want you to tease me again, I want you to rub around me, oh, like this..." Michi pulled his sex toy out and rubbed it along his ass, right over his hole. "I want you to tease me, oh, I want it to be slick and wet...Mmmh, Ash, I want you....I want you to cum in me..."

Michi knelt back on his knees, setting his own phone down after turning it on speaker, starting to stroke his own dick, still teasing his ass with the dildo. "Oh, I want it like this...I want you all over me..."

"Damn,'ve gotten me so hard..." The green eyed brunette rolled onto his side and thrusted hard into his hands, feeling his hips moving smoothly. He could imagine thrusting hard into Michi's ass, that tight hole that would cling to him, those smooth, rippling muscles squeezing around him. He squeezed his own hands together now, almost screaming as he thrusted so that his head just hit the inner palm of his hand, "Michi, I can't hold on!!!"

Michi felt the exact same way, thrusting harder into his hand, thrusting the sex toy into his ass. He was going to cum soon, he could feel it. The boy thrusted a few more times, then he cried, letting his hot, sticky release flow all over his hand, a lengthy and loud moan escaping him. Almost simultaneously, Ash screamed just as loud, streams of cum flowing from the head of his erection. His body spasmed as he continued to orgasm, incoherent cries escaping both him and the boy on the other end of the line. The two of them shuddered violently as their bodies fell into the state of relaxation after cumming, and the two of them passed out, both lost in their final dazes.

(To be Continued!)