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Day 1 Period: Math Time: 1:43 p.m.

After Mrs. K, our math teacher, taught us the lesson, she gave us time to do homework. We're supposed to call her Mrs. Kathy. That's what our principal Mr. Ty says. But we always call

her Mrs. K because she's always really nice to us. At first, it was quiet, but as soon as Mrs. K sits down, it usually gets louder.

Today we learned about weight and capacity.

"Sara!" Cassidy whispered.

Sara turned to her. "What?" She whispered back.

"Anthony stole Pablo from me." Cassidy whispered grinning.

If you were wondering, Pablo is Sara's eraser that she and Cassidy share. Yes, it's weird but everyone in the 6th grade class is weird. Usually, Sara would give Pablo to Cassidy for a few

classes, but Cassidy cut Pablo in half and gave Sara his face.

"Give me Pablo." Sara whispered.

"I'll get him back. Hold on, hold on." Cassidy whispered trying to get Anthony's attention.

Cassidy and Sara sat in the front of the room, while Anthony sat in the back.

"I should bite you." Sara said to Cassidy quietly.

Whenever Sara gets somewhat mad, she says 'I should bite you' but of course she never really means it.

Sara turned to face forward and saw Danny walking to the corner of room to get a book. He must've finished his work.

Ariela sat in front of Rosie and she turned around so she and Rosie could read together. Sean walked back to his seat from getting a book.

Ryan passed Sara's desk. He tried to grab Sara's pouch, who she named Petey since the beginning of the year. "Don't touch Petey!" Sara hissed at him. Sara hates when everyone tries

to take Petey. Ryan goes to sit down and Sierra walked by and smiled at Sara, trying to get Sara's notebook. Sara slapped her hand down on the notebook and smiled back.

Sara turned to Anthony and mouthed: 'Give me Pablo.'

Anthony shook his head and smiled. Before Sara could do anything else, it's time to head back to homeroom for the end of the day class.

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