It makes it difficult to breathe.
You're watching me.
I can see you,
from the corner of my eye.
You know I can feel your eyes on me.
A feeling
like damp velvet brushing against my skin
is what you inflict on me
You smile
and it sends shivers down my spine.
"What do you want!"
I wonder
We have never spoken
You don't need to speak
to let me know
that you will not always be
Watching me
I fear
when looks will not be enough.
I wish I were ignorant
like so many of my kind are at this stage.
I wish I were oblivious to your insistent gaze.
I hope you never stop watching.
"What will happen then!?"
I know the stories.
That I should do something
What if you do more than watching
if I did?
I will wait
And maybe
I will be able to ignore that these shivers are not fear,
a little longer.
Just a while.