She will tell you she fears me.
is nowhere close
to what she really feels
I have seen more
in her face
when she is unaware of me
than there ever was
when she was looking straight in to my eyes
She does not fear me
is a creature of habit
I'm afraid
I have become one of her favorite pastimes
And it is not out of arrogance
that I say
that she thinks of me
near constantly
I can see that she does
from her very movements
when she does not know I am there
A distracted smile
a wave of the hand
a wondering look at the phone in her apartment
a quick glance out of the window
"All of these"
I think,
and I cannot resist the smile breaking on my face
"Show just how...
she is"
With me
I wonder.
How will she react?
When I speak with her tomorrow,
I will be the soul of innocent intentions
She probably expects
Some major confrontation
most likely
if her expression now
is to be trusted
I take a sip of my coffee
disgusting stuff, really
and bid her farewell
and smile
as she catches herself before she waves back
Oh yes,
Tomorrow is going to be marvelous.