It's the starry expanse that draws your eyes, their level fields seeming reachable, like you can pluck them out of the sky. When once you'd raise your eyes upwards, now the shining pinpricks glitter in your natural leverage. And then, when your eyes travel done you see the bed of clouds, sitting like the sea under your eyes. They fold, cutting out all sight of the sea below, but it may be cities, for how would you know with the blanket shrouding over your sight. Through this all the stars continue to dot the sky, falling higher and higher. And out there, lining with thine eyes; the moon. Encompassed half in the dusty clouds, it emanates a soft orange glow. As you placidly move, the moon seems to grow bigger, brighter. Clouds spin around its body, but it still shines large, reigning light into the slickest of corners. Although it presents just a small circle of light around it, you know that the world is singing with the light of the moon, for there is only one.

You close your eyes, just to rest them for a while, and when they open again to look outside, the moon is gone, light beginning its parade.

From below toppled of clouds just lie untouched, until suddenly, a beacon of light from below breaks through its silent reverie. Throwing pinks and yellows across the small expanse of clouds, it stands tall. Other light then begin to pinprick through the clouds, breaks in the rolls letting in the city beneath.

And you think, as slowly the lights die and the clouds again remain untouched, all it needs is a shooting star.

As your eyes close once again, you wonder what you will see when next they open. And when you open them again, light has begun to creep its way in.

The horizon of clouds sings bright with a gazelle of colours. Starting with a red tinge, it transforms to pink, then orange follows in the song. Yellow sounds high next to the following green. But blue appears next to reign over the sky and paint the picture seen. All the colours merge as they change, forming something to never see again.

As you stare out at the dawned horizon, you see a small red line, dotting the sky. Gradually it rises over your line of sight, gaining height over the horizon. As it grows, its colours becomes lighter, brighter, until its fiery shades are too bright for your eyes.

You cannot look out anymore, the fiery globe blinding your sight, but as the seconds grow, it leaves your view to the other side.

Looking down you see gentle blanket of clouds, falling over all your sight. They rise over each other, forming a castle in your mind. And as you look, you can imagine the faeries playing in the fluff, so happily above the land below.

You see much more with your subtle eyes, but there are some things than can only be remembered and never put to words. You never expected the world above to hold such beauty in its grasp, but it did, and you are happy that you were there to see it.