First Obsession

In my life I never got to be a kid or a regular teenager. My family had brought me up as an adult, not intentionally of course. At age five I was twenty, and by age ten I was fifty. I have seen and went though things that even most adults have never experienced in their lifetime (as cliché-y as it sounds). Since 6th grade, I began to wear dress pants and old women shirts; you know those ones that you by at Dress Barn. Of course these non-trend-able clothes weren't my choices, but of a mother's who thought her child was cutter than ever.

By age 14, when I was really 56, freshmen year had started. On the first week, or second week of school as my friends and I hung out in the library, we noticed cutouts and poster of the movie Twilight. I noticed the title was familiar because someone had suggested the book to me the previous year. At first my friends and I thought it was weird to see a book/movie promoted like this in a school library. But, then that was the only major topic we talked about. One of my best friends, Danielle, had bought the second book from the series New Moon, for an English project. She, being a procrastinator like most of my friends, had finished the book in three days. She had then excitingly told me that it was one of the best books she ever read, considering she really didn't read that much. I then accepted the challenge, and proceeded to finish the book. Months after I read it, along with my other friends, Twilight became the major topic of our discussions.

Our obsession then carried on after schools, at our house; it then carried on, in our emails. Soon after, any other friends who were not in our group got tired of talking and listening to us. This fixation was one of the main reasons that made my three friends and me closer. However, even though it brought us together, it also tore us apart, because we started to pick sides. Soon after, we started to pick teams of the, fast, gorgeous Team Edward, or the hot Team Jacob. The other team which my indecisive friend and I made is, Team Jadward (Jacob and Edward together).

We drove our parents insane, well not mine, because they will kill me if they found out that I have an obsession with something so unorthodox. However, my friends, and I with them, had drove their parents insane, by flooding their history with Youtube videos, and with poster all of their expensive walls. But nevertheless, I finally felt my age. I finally felt like a teenager.