I can never fit in.

I can never be liked

I am always sad

Neagative… always mad.

But this thing

This beauty can even make a person like me



Even if it is for a short time,

All of my problems do go away.

And I do shine.

Even though I am not as talented as this masterpiece,

I am still not worried about anything at the least!

They unfold emotion which I never really thought was there,

An emotion of annoyance, melancholy, guilt, humorous…

COVERED with such happiness.

They show the unimaginable-ness of a person

How beautiful us, Humans can be

What God had made, is so beautiful.

This is what, this, craze makes me think.

I thank you, personally.

Without you I really do not know where I would be.

So again I say,

thank you,