The fire is everywhere. The smoke is choking her. Fire, fire everywhere. Bright, red and white, burning, it doesn't relinquish its hold on her no matter how hard she tries. She screams for help, for oxygen, for survival - but she knows, she knows very well that it's all in vain. No one will come to save her tonight. No one to come to her rescue, no one to save her. She's the damsel in distress with no knight in shining armor. Unlike some others, she is not the hero of any story, not even hers, and needs to be saved.

She hasn't done anything to deserve this, this isn't fair, she is so alone. All her loved ones, they promised her she would never be alone. Then where is everyone she thought she knew and loved? Why aren't they here to save her? Or why aren't they here, burning to hell with her? Why aren't they here, dammit?!

Her skin is burning, with huge red blotches appearing. The pain and the lack of oxygen is getting too much for her to bear. She wants it to stop; she wants to faint or die right now so as to avoid the feeling of upcoming wave of flames' destruction of her damaged body. She wants an end, the end, please, let it end (though she isn't ready yet)--

She can't breathe, she can't she can't she's dying goddammit no idon'twanttodie help please i'mdying i'mburning so hot it'ssohot somebodysavemeplease PLEASE PLEASE PL--