It's My Life

Soon to be high school junior, Kayla Callaghan begins the summer with a student program at the Charity Hospital. Wanting nothing more than to spend her Christmas vacation in Europe with her high school sweetheart, Todd Stover, she has made it her obligation to change her parents mind on letting her go. This will take plenty of time and patience, - qualities Kayla rather lacks - and everything seems to go downhill from the moment she meets her patient, Anthony Moretti.
Over his anti-social and frigid behavior, Kayla can't seem to grasp past the fact that her one and only patient is going to ruin her entire plan. So if getting over the almost alluring sight of him, and trying to desperately keep everything running smoothly isn't hard enough, she soon figures out something is seriously wrong with Anthony. It is now up to Kayla to figure out his problem, whether being part of her vitial mission or not, and learns that life isn't always so easy to have a handle over.


It was very dark inside the tiny space of a room. The regular piercing fluorescent lights were turned off, and the large wide window to the side of the hospital bed was covered by closed blinds. There was a chair in the corner of the room, crammed between the walls corner and another door, and a small locked cabinet stood beside the bed. There was no one inside or any sound to be heard, even as the TV above played. I could only see the moving pictures of this mornings news glide across a muted screen.

I took a step back for a moment to check the wall's room number. Room two sixteen surely was one of those "weird" places people stumbled upon. I was beginning to think I'd play servant to an out-of-this-world kid, and I didn't mean that in a good way.

Sighing, I hesitated, the room even more unwelcoming as I stood before it, when I walked in.

Despite the frigid atmosphere the area seemed to give out, it was surprisingly warmer in the room than out in the hallway. I walked deeper into the space, thankful for its hotter temperature, and headed toward the large window.

Staring at the closed frame, I grabbed the thin plastic handle and opened up the blinds. Sunlight radiated onto my skin, even brighter than I would have believed, and I happily rejoiced in my long lost friend. There was actually a good view overlooking the Deli across the street and a park just down the road.

I felt better staring out into a world of possibilities and adventure. This was exactly what I needed; a reminder of my wonderful life with Todd and our soon to be alone time. Everything was beginning to fall into place now, and I could feel myself getting braver. Things would work out for the best, just like they always did.

There was a clicking sound to the door, and I immediately pulled my hands off the window's ledge. Turning, I went to see the creep who stayed cooped up in such an isolated room; who was making me stay in an isolated room.

But it wasn't my patient that appeared at first. Instead, a dark skinned man in light blue scrubs smiled at me apologetically.

"Sorry, did I startle you?" He asked, revealing perfectly white teeth. I shook my head. "Alright then, I've brought you your patient. Hope you weren't waiting too long," he stated, before leaving me to stare at the door frame. I was completely awe struck.

There wasn't some creepy psycho waiting for me, or even one of those super hero comic freaks standing in the doorway. No, what I saw was something out-of-this-world and I meant it in the absolute, most amazing way.

The guy was tall; light skin and broad shouldered. He was on the thin side, but something told me he somehow got his daily exercise worked into his schedule. In his light gray T-shirt I was able to pinpoint slight muscle on his arms and an in-shape torso, along with a pair of slightly baggy dark jeans and blue worn in sneakers.

He looked absolutely magnificent, and as I drew my eyes back up to examine his face, I only cringed at the expression that awaited me. He was glaring his piercingly perfect, hazel grey eyed daggers into my own flushed features.