I want to push you down, well I will,

Well I will. I want to let all hell break

Loose around us but don't be frightened,

I won't let them get you. I'll love you

Always like autumn loves to tease winter

With light frost on the grass, and kiss you

Like angels kiss the dead when they go to

Heaven. Welcome! They say, and I welcome

You here to my world as you dive right on

Inside of me. My world where people graze

On grass and animals change color and

Everyone whispers so its quiet, quiet! All

Animals run free and there are no spiders,

No mosquitoes. Sky scrapers disappear

Well into the clouds and are etched with

Beautiful artwork that is colored with crayons.

The cities always sleep and time pauses at

My command. All the math equations are

Already solved and we don't need gas

Or oil for anything. We don't cut down

Trees here for anything, Stories are written

On all the sidewalks by everyone who has

One and .end. Can we kiss and

Tumble and love for maybe forever? Can

We never end?