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The sun blared into the eyes of the control tower worker at the New York International Airport. It was evening, nearing the end of the control tower workers shift.

Ron, the Chief of the control towers, a hard and precise worker, was admiring the sunset, staring at the bright red, yellow, and orange colours that illuminated the skyline.

Ron has pitch-black hair, and an olive tanned skin with a nose a little longer than most. The vivid colours made Ron's eyes water, and he decided to glance to the left, and gaze at the sky above the glistening ocean.

Dark, grim clouds hovered over the horizon, surely bringing a snowstorm as the weather reporter announced on WNYW Radio that afternoon.

"That will cause havoc in the airport, which will probably have a lot of stranded passengers," Ron thought when he heard the forecast, and said on the WNYW Radio that afternoon as a representative for the airport.

Ron immediately stopped daydreaming, as he heard a beep on the radar screen, and a blinking green light flying towards the airport.

It was a National Airlines Convair CV-440, as Ron saw on the radar screen. He picked up, and raised his microphone that connected to the transceiver, pressed the button, and started to talk to the incoming plane.

"National Airlines Convair CV-440, is that you, over."

"Yes, sir," came the reply.

"CV-440, you are cleared for landing pilot. Please reduce you speed. Thank you, over," Ron uttered.

"Will do sir, over," the pilot replied.

Ron scanned the sky, and in the distance close to the start of the runway, flew the National Airlines CV-440. The capital lettered sign, NATIONAL, was painted on the top of the plane windows, and the logo of a sun that was half a face, coloured red and orange, was on the tail; made sure that everybody knew it was a National Airlines plane.

The CV-440 touched down perfectly, and sped down the other end of the runway.

With that plane successfully landing, Ron viewed his watch, which read 5.35pm.

"Only 25 minutes to go," Ron muttered under his breath.

He turned his attention to the sunset that was setting behind the silhouette skyscrapers, the shapes of the Empire State building, and the Chrysler building easy to make out.

His daydreaming was yet again disturbed as the radar screen beeped and a blinking green light moved towards the airport. This time it was a Trans World Airlines plane; a Lockheed Constellation, one of Ron's personal favourites.

It has a tripletail and a dolphin fuselage, and that is why it is easy to recognize.

The Lockheed Constellation swiftly landed, the Trans World Airlines sign above the passenger windows, and the US flag on the plane easy to distinguish amongst the other planes.

Once the Lockheed was off the runway, Ron looked to his left to notice the last few rays of light reflecting on the ocean's surface. The sun was nearly set, and purple was the new colour added to the list of bright hues that had been used that evening for the sunset.

It looked like one more plane was going to land before his shift was over, and he could go home and relax with his family.

The last plane beeped on the radar screen, and blinked green on the screen. It was an Eastern Airlines Martin 4-0-4, a smaller plane than the Lockheed Constellation.

The plane soon touched down, one of many smooth landings that day. The FLY-EASTERN AIR LINES sign flashed past on the runway below him, another happy pilot enjoying their successful landing.

It looked for Ron that his shift was over, and as always, he was glad with all the safe landings, but it could be a different story tomorrow…

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