The first time

The first time I rode a bike.

You were there, laughing at me,

Which I did not like.

But it was then when I couldn't really see.

What you soon meant to me.

No matter how many bruises I got that day,

From falling and falling,

Let's just say,

It did not hurt as much as today.

Your first time of getting a brain freeze,

I just stood there laughing,

Feeling the soft, August breeze.

You got mad, but that's okay,

Because your temper never really stays.

The first day of Middle school,

You and I were there together,

Trying to act so cool.

But really we just looked like fools.

When we were in high school,

We just took each other's hands.

This year we became,

More than friends.


you say you're ready for your first time,

But I am not ready with mine.

But you fail to understand.

That's why you're leaving.

as quickly, as you possibly can.