Chapter 1

"Katsuo…Katsuo…" A girls voice sounded, a little red ball of light suddenly lighting up the darkness. Katsuo was lying down, almost as though flying among the darkness. He had short brown hair, his build slender wearing a white shirt and Black trousers, his clothes moved as though a light breeze was blowing

"Who…are you?" Katsuo asked, lifting his arm to reach out towards the red ball of light.

Suddenly an alarm slowly began to sound, getting louder and louder. Katsuo opened his eyes, he was lying in his bed, his alarm clock ringing continuously, he reached to his bedside table and pressed the button to stop it. The clock read 7:00am, he just lay their, looking at his ceiling. Reflecting on the dream he just had, his sheets were thrown to one side of his bed and his pyjamas were all ruffled, he then noticed his arm was trapped under his bed sheets, he reached for the bed sheets and threw them off his bed to the floor, a girl was sleeping with her head on his arm, her hair was long and green, her complexion pink and vibrant, wearing a set of Red long sleeved pyjamas with pink spots.

Great, looks as though Ayaka snuck into my room again Katsuo thought to himself as Ayaka breathed softly.

"Oi~, Ayaka, rise and shine" He said shaking her with his free arm. She stirred and then slowly opened her eyes, pushed herself up with her hand and rubbing her eyes with the other, Katsuo taking this chance to pull his dead arm from under her and getting out of bed.

"Katsuo? She asked, her pyjama top hanging dangerously loose from her body.

"Morning Ayaka" he said stretching his dead arm trying to get some life back into it.

Ayaka looked half asleep at him, then as though she only realised where she was, yelled out is surprise.

"Why am I here!?" She cried pulling her clothes back up and covering herself with her arms.

"You snuck into my room again as usual." Katsuo said not at all surprised at her reaction as though he'd heard that line many times before, which in truth he had.

"Y-y-you better not have tried anything!" she yelled her face going bright red. He turned to look at her looking shocked and confused. "You're the one who sneaks into my room half asleep" He said walking out of the room as he spoke. He walked towards the bathroom leaving Ayaka to get up and leave his room still all red and flustered running into her room and shutting the door with more force than necessary.

Katsuo was brushing his teeth still feeling tired, gazing at his reflection in the bathroom cabinet mirror above the sink which was neutral and white as was the toilet on the other side of the small bathroom and tiles on the wall, the floor covered in light blue tiles and a bathroom rug of which he stood.

I think I'll have a shower this morning he thought to himself as he spit the toothpaste from his mouth, grabbing a bottle of mouthwash from the side and gargled it.

As he got downstairs with a towel over his shoulder, he saw a man at the bottom of the stairs in a business suit sitting on the step putting on some smart shoes.

"Hi Dad" Katsuo said in greeting. The man looked round and smiled at him. "Morning son" he said in reply getting to his feet and picking up his briefcase which sat on the step next to him. "I'm off to work now, take care of things while I'm out"

"I got it" Katsuo said "See you later".

His father opened the door and left with a final wave. Katsuo headed to the bottom of the hallway where the bathing room was and began to take off pyjamas which he threw into the nearby laundry basket. As he opened the door to the shower room has was met with a sight that made him freeze where he stood. Ayaka was already in the room under the shower head, she turned to look at him and went bright red, the mist was just enough to hide he rbody from clear view.

"Um, excuse me" he said with a look on his face that knew he was in trouble. Ayaka screamed and began to reach for anything within reach and threw them at him, he treid to shut the door as quickly as he could to avoid her barrage but he took a water basin to the face before he could close it which knocked him to the floor. Ayaka strode the the door and slammed it shut, leaving him bleeding from the nose on the floor.

"I suppose I should just change now" He said to himself.

Katsuo now dressed in his white shirt and black trousers entered the Dining room and sat at the table with 4 places and chairs set.

"Morning mum" Katsuo said as he pulled one of the chairs out and sat down.

"Morning son, boy you and Ayaka are loud early in the morning" she said as she entered with a plate of bacon and eggs in her hand.

"Eheheh, well just the usual routine" he said jokingly and he set upon eating his food. Shortly after he started Ayaka entered, wearing a white school uniform embroidered with yellow edges and matching black skirt and knee high socks and her eyes set upon Katsuo.

"Morning Ayaka" he said looking up as he chewed his food.

"Hmph!" Ayaka fumed turning her head away and avoided eye contact as she sat down at the opposite end of the opposite side of the table, he smiled awkwardly understanding this treatment. Katsuo's mother came out with another plate of bacon and eggs.

"Morning Ayaka" she said smiling setting the plate in front of her.

"Morning miss Arai" She said clearly sounding in a bad mood.

"Oh my, never a dull moment in this house" Miss Arai said cheerfully as she went back into the kitchen.

"You two, better hurry up or you'll be late" she called from the kitchen, the two of them looked at the clock which read 8:10.

Katsuo finished his food and ran upstairs to get his bag, on retrieving his bag and returning back downstairs he saw Ayaka sitting on the front step putting on her shoes with he bag already over her shoulder, he retrieved his shoes and promptly did the same.

"Sorry about earlier" he said apologetically, Ayaka just got up and went on ahead. Katsuo sighed and followed her out, stopping in the doorway and calling "We'll see you later Mum" in which "Have a good day" returned from the kitchen.

"Ayaka! Wait up please!" Katsuo called as he ran to catch up with her. Ayaka finally stopped but didn't turn round, Katsuo caught up and stopped along side. She still looked a little ticked off.

"I'm so sorry Ayaka, I promise to buy you lunch today, ok?" He pleaded.

"You promise?" Ayaka asked

"Of course, you have my word."

She turned and gave him a smile "Don't forget ok?"

"I won't" he said and smiled back. The two of them continued off down the street towards school, the sun shining and birds tweeting in the trees.

They soon entered Destiny city and mixed in with the other students also heading for school, she stayed close to his side as though a little frightened.

"You scared?" He asked her.

"Huh!? N-no! I'm not scared" She said.

"It's alright if you are, I am a little scared myself" he said, "first day of high school for both of us after all, it's only natural to be nervous."

Her cheeks pinkened a little at these words. "Yeah, you're right" she said smiling to herself feeling encouraged.

They finally reached the school front gates some 15 minutes later, the school building was very white and square, it certainly looked like an advanced school., It was 3 stories high and you could see glass stairwells 2 sets from the front and rows of windows in which students were already walking in front of. A huge field and athletics facility was off to the right of the building with a forest stretching out behind it and mountains off in the distance.

"Well, I'll see you at lunch" Katsuo said as they entered the grounds.

"Alright, I'll see you then" Ayaka said as she went on ahead to the front door and soon started to mingle with the other female students. Katsuo couldn't help noticing the male students suddenly talking amonst themselves.

"Who was that?" "She was amazingly pretty" "I wonder if she's available" and the likes were being said.

"They'll soon realize she isn't that easy" Katsuo thought as he began heading towards the front gate.

"Hold up a second" a hand grabbed Katsuo's shoulder and he was spun round to see a rather large mean looking male student looking down at him. Katsuo immediately sensed this guy wasn't here to give him a friendly welcome.

"What's the matter?" Katsuo asked him as all the students still coming in stopped in their tracks and looked with concern.

"What's your relationship with that girl?" the student said in an almost threatening voice.

"I don't think that concerns you" Katsuo said staring the big guy down.

"I think you should keep away from her, she'd be much better off with me" He said grinning threateningly

"Like I said, that doesn't concern you" Katsuo said.

"Listen punk, don't make me get violent" The student said lifting him up by his collar. "You keep out of my way, she's going to be mine, got it!?

"Like I said, it doesn't concern you" Katsuo repeated.

The student raised his fist and punched Katsuo hard in the face, he went flying back a few feet and hit the dirt as the onlookers gasped.

"There's more where that come from if you don't stay away from her" The student said walking up towards Katsuo who lay in a heap on the ground.

"Hold it right there!" Came a girls voice from the front gate. The crowd split as a small petite girl walked through the crowd, she was wearing the female uniform and a matching beret. He hair was short and Blue.

"What do you want?" The student said. "Can't you see I'm busy right now?" He turned to face her, she was barely over half his height and he towered over her.

"It's not nice to bully the weak" She said "why not pick on someone your own size?"

The Big student just laughed. "Get lost shrimp, unless you want some of this too"

"I dare you to try" The girl said grinning confidently.

"Why you!" The student said angrily "Don't say you didn't ask for it!" as he threw a punch right at her.

She took a defensive stance but the fist never came.

Katsuo's leg came from behind and kicked him right in the face, stopping his punch and knocking him sideways a few steps, Katsuo landing where the student had stood.

The spectators were shocked at this new development.

"You little bitch!" The student said, his face scuffed from the blow.

"What coward throws his fist at a girl?" Katsuo said, his angry glare seeming to intimidate this bully. The small girl was as surprised as anyone at this development, she smiled as she looked at Katsuo.

This kid ain't bad, not bad at all.

"You'll pay for this!" The student said gritting his teeth angrily. "After school in the forest out the back of the school, you better be there" he said pointing at Katsuo. "You too Small fry!" He said pointing at the girl and he headed off inside. The crowd murmured and began to disband. Katsuo fell back onto his bottom adrenaline wearing off. The small girl walked over and offered her hand. "Nicely handled" she said winking at him. He took her hand and was helped back to his feet.

"Why did you interfere?" He asked "You could have been badly hurt"

"I've dealt with worse" she responded "You alright?"

"I'm fine" he said. "I appreciate the sentiment"

The girl blushed a little at these words, just then the bell began to sound.

"We're gonna be late" Katsuo sighed "Way to start my high school life"

"We better hurry then" The girl said as they ran towards the front doors "My names Chou by the way, Chou Takahara" "Katsuo, Katsuo Arai" He responded.