In the middle of the night, a cloaked man wandered through the red light district of the city, his face hidden which made the passers avoid him so his course was straight as an arrow as he wandered towards an abandoned 6 story building on the edge of the city, it's windows boarded up and the building was falling into a state of disrepair. He walked down the side alley and walked down it towards the side entrance, he soon found himself sandwiched inbetween a gang of thugs, all holding lead pipes or chains. The figure just stood there motionless as they slowly closed the pincer movement in.

"Where does someone like you think yer goin' huh!?" One of the thugs inquired.

"It'd be wise if you got lost" The cloaked man said still standing motionless

"what ya say!?" Another one spoke up and the gang braced themselves to jump in.

The cloaked man's mouth was visible as he let slip a calm grin.

"Starlets, handle these people behind me would you?" the man said.

"Who the hell ya talkin' to? You gone mad wit fear or summit?" One of the thugs asked.

"He's talking to us" came a voice from the entrance to the alleyway, the thugs all looked towards the voice, 3 girls stood at the entrance to the alleyway, one had short fluffy green hair with yellow eyes, she was quite tomboyish in appearance, she was wearing a black anorak and grey jeans and white trainers. To her left a flowing blue haired girl with soft green eyes, she was wearing a white spaghetti strap one piece dress and wearing a green scarf round her neck and white pumps half hiding behind the tomboyish girl, to her other side a girl with short black hair and light blue eyes, she was wearing just a t-shirt a few sizes too big for her, a strap fashioned over her left shoulder to keep it from exposing too much flesh. She had two pouches strapped to her thighs.

The thugs all burst out laughing "Is this some kinda joke?" "These little girls, is he serious!?" "What a moron!"

The timid girl spoke up when the laughter subsided. "Can I kill them, Hitomi?" she asked in a rather dark and twisted voice.

"I think we can do that Louise" The greenhaired girl said. "You ready to play, Yuki?"

"No problem" Yuki said with a nod.

"You girls think this is playtime?" A thug asked sounding ticked off, he wasn't the only one as the thugs on the girls side all walked threateningly towards them.

Hitomi smiled arrogantly as with a swift movement of her arms produced some daggers on Y shaped handles in her hands and took up a stance ready to pounce.

"Oh joy, I get to slice up some flesh" Louise said to herself, her eyes grew sharp and her pupils vanished as she produced a saw blade from under her skirt, a crazy wide grin on her face.

Yuki reached down to the pouches on her thighs and slipped them in and when she pulled them out she had some knuckle dusters on her hands, she adjusted them to fit snugly over her hands and took up a boxer ready stance.

"KILL THEM!" a cry came out from the gang of thugs and both groups of combatants ran at each other.

Louise took the lead drool flying from her open mouth, her tongue hanging out. Hitomi began wall jumping up into the air and Yuki followed Louise close to her right hand side, Louise clashed with the thugs first, she sliced the first guys stomach open, blood sprayed from the wound, she followed up on the next in line burying it into the guys skull and sawing it loose, Yuki punched the guy with a powerful forward thrust in front of her in the stomach, sending the man knocking into the 3 immediately behind. Hitomi dived from her height into the middle of the crowd and sliced 3 of them as she arrived spiralling into the throng of enemies landing perfectly. The group in front of the cloaked man looked horrified as man after man was either punched, sawed or slashed to ribbons. The cloaked man turned to them, they looked scared as he showed his pale face to them, it was non other than Black Mantis.

"They aren't the only ones this skilled" The man said cracking his knuckles threateningly. The thugs turned tail and ran as fast as they could. He removed his hood and turned too see the 3 girls as they took care of the last thug.

"Job well done Starlets" Black Mantis said.

"Tch! They were weaklings even in numbers" Louise spat disgusted

"Well they are just normal humans, this outcome was obvious from the start" Yuki said.

"Humph! Why must humans be so incapable of fighting?" Louise asked.

"Who knows…" Yuki said simply.

"Thank you Black Mantis, sir" Hitomi seemed the only one to accept his praise as she got down on one knee and bowed to him. "C'mon you two" She said to the others, who both went next to her and did as she did.

Black Mantis grinned These girls surpass my expectations, I didn't think I could make some great fighters from such junk data. If I had been at full power they'd be the ultimate bodyguard squadron.

"Well girls, let's get inside"

He then casually swung out his leg and kicked the door off it's hinges. The 3 girls got up and followed him into the abandoned building, it was as it looked inside, the walls had some cracks and some had made holes in the walls, dust and cobwebs were all over the place, it must have been abandoned for many years to be in this state.

They proceeded deeper into the building until they reached a reception area, signalling this used to be a hotel, maybe 3 star at most.

"Why are we even in here?" Louise asked, she had returned to her timid self so was holding Hitmoi's sleeve looking around nervously.

"This is where we'll be staying, at least for now" Black Mantis stated as he walked halfway up the big staircase to the upper floors. "As you can see this place is the perfect hideout, no-one would think to look here, since it's a hotel there is plenty of room.

Yuki had sat down on a sofa in the lobby and was reading a complicated looking book about computers.

"You should have dusted it off before you sat down" Hitomi told her looking at her with an "Honestly" look.

"So what can we do for you, sir?" Hitomi asked Black Mantis.

"Well for now, I just need you too infiltrate the local academy and observe our enemies." He said and with a click of his fingers 3 pictures appeared in Hitomi's hands, Hitomi looked at the pictures, Louise looked over her shoulders at the 3 pictures, on the left was a picture of Chou, the Middle picture was of Katsuo and Nia on the right.

"They look normal enough to me" Hitomi said curiously

"They look like pushovers" Louise added.

"Far from it, they are my greatest threat to my plans."

"Huuuuh!?" Louise let out in a twisted tone "How so!?"

Black mantis looked deadly serious at the 3 of them

"They've attained the power of a vaccine that is capable of killing me, they each have a Guardian Deity vaccine protocol, which gives them supernatural powers"

"Oh~!?" Louise said, her eyes became sharp and blank again "Are they really that strong?"

"It's not so much they are strong right now, but in my current state they have enough power to finish me off, even if barely enough thanks to the boy in the middle picture.

"So we are to observe them?" Yuki asked from over the top of her book.

"Exactly, you need not concern with fighting them yourselves"

"That's boring though, I wanna kill em all!" Louise stated, her tongue hanging out as she licked her lips.

"You're drooling on my anorak" Hitomi said irritated, a pool of saliva was running down off her shoulder, she pinched and pulled Louise's cheek.

"Owieowowowowieowow" Louise said as she returned back to her timid self again. "I'm so sorry"

Yuki closed her book and looked up at an irritated Black mantis.

"Anyway, I'll sort your transfer papers out so you just don't blow your cover" Black Mantis said composing himself. "Understood?"

The 3 of them put an arm across their chests and stood at attention.

"Sir!" They all said in unison.

"It's late, get some rest and tomorrow we'll begin the operation"