Twelve Dishes and Thirteen Fairies

The Witch's Side to the Story

(Sleeping Beauty)

My palms sweating, my hands shaking

I wait anxiously for my invitation

To celebrate the birth of the Princess Briar Rose

Finally my golden opportunity has arrived

To bestow upon this young princess

With the most glorious gift she will ever know

I sit along side my sister fairies, waiting

Knowing soon the post will come

Containing each one of our invitations

Still waiting, I ponder some more

Over the perfect idea for a gift

A loving heart, a warm smile, a courageous spirit

Oh, how can I choose only one?

The time has come

The postman draws near

I arose to let him in

One by one he hands out the letters

Saying 'You are Cordially Invited…'

But wait, where is mine?

I go to this man, bewildered and confused

He shrugs his shoulders and mutters only one line

'Twelve dishes and thirteen fairies'

So for that reason I could not come

I watch in despair as my sisters walk out

One by one with just a simple farewell

Leaving me alone and bitter

How could they do this to me?

Invite my sisters but not I

All because of one simple matter

Twelve dishes and thirteen fairies

In rage, I declare I will go anyway

To teach them a valuable lesson

They shall never forget

Bursting open the castle doors

I stand there in fury

Fire burning in my eyes

Gleeful expressions faded away

As the crowd watched me with fear

In wonder what I will do

'Twelve dishes and thirteen fairies!'

I roared to the king who only offered a shrug

Not knowing what to say

I approached the baby princess

My heart cold as ice, my body burned with rage

I look up at the king, daggers in my eyes

Before I could stop myself

These words came out

'Briar Rose, my gift to you is death

At fifteen you shall prick your finger

On a spinning wheel, and

That shall be your end'

I know now

The tiny princess was not to blame

But who can think logically

With that much bitterness and rage?

I suppose every story must have a villain

This time that villain is I

Only because I consumed myself in fury

Over one simple matter

Twelve dishes and thirteen fairies