A/N: I'm somewhat of an insomniac, so I'll make up sweet little love stories for myself to help me get to sleep. This is one that I was brave enough to actually tell the guy about. He begged me to tell him, but I wouldn't at first. But I'm a sucker for writing love stories, so I did anyway. It was fifteen text messages long. xD I liked the way I had written it, so I sent it to myself via email and now I am sharing it with you, my beloved. I have his permission to post this, but of course I had to change his name. You're welcome, "Greyson." By the way, isn't that just the sexiest name you've ever heard? Okay, maybe not, but I still like it. SOO ANYWAYYYY. (I have a tendency to babble mindlessly) Enjoy this tidbit of my imagination.

It was a great morning, beautiful clouds singing and raindrops dancing to the beat. I was sitting in the cafeteria with my friends, daydreaming of the storm outside. My name is called, and I snap out of it.

"Becca, hey, can I talk to you?" Greyson asks. In response I stood and followed him outside to the cover across the street from the picnic tables.

*Sigh* I think. He has no idea how romantic rain is to me, does he? If he does, then he's just a douche for teasing me. He knows I like him.

We sit on a ledge there and I wait for him to say something. He looks like he's at a loss for how to say whatever it is. Finally, he finds the right words, looks me in the eye and says, "I really like you."

Shock comes to me first. Complete and utter shock. Then comes the joy, then anger.

"What the heck, Greyson? What is wrong with you?" He looks genuinely confused as he asks what I'm talking about. "You don't like me." I say with confidence as I feel my throat tighten. It's his turn to give me a look of insanity.

"Yes I do. Why would I say that to you if I didn't mean it?"

I look at my shoes and a tear or two falls. "No one likes me. The only time anyone ever says they do is when they're making fun of me." I take a quick glance at his face, but I can't read it. I dare not look again. We stand in silence for a minute and I decide to find his expression once more, but as I look up, his lips collide with mine and we're locked in not a sexy, hot kiss, but one of love. No "desire" behind his lips, only pure and true love. I could stay in this moment forever, but as the laws of physics demand, it came to an end. I looked into his blushing face. He looks worried, but as soon as the grin hiding behind my teeth escapes to my lips, he smiles just as wide.

"Let's go inside" he whispers into my ear. I take his hand and we walk back into the cafeteria with looks that describe our emotions better than any words ever could, and no one but us noticed. It was our own private euphoria.

And we lived happily ever after. The end(: ... Yeah. Weird.

A/N: That's exactly what I texted him, save a few grammatical corrections. He said it was cute and he liked how I got his personality. He said he'd probably do something like that. I don't like him anymore, but I still get all happy inside when I think about this moment3 He's a real sweet guy. I wish you well, Greyson! xD