My Life as a Superhero's Girlfriend

Hi, my name is Arden, and I'm dating an amazing guy named Nick. He's sweet and funny, and always cheers me up when I'm feeling blue. He's cute, has pretty blue eyes that sparkle when he smiles, and dimples that most people would kill for. It all sounds like a normal enough high school romance except for one thing. On top of killer dimples, he also happens to have abilities.

When I say abilities, I'm not talking about the ability to belch the alphabet or bend his elbows backwards. I'm talking about superpowers. And not the rich-kid-gadgets type of superpowers either. Nick's powers are the traditional ones, the ones that have been done away with in comic books because they're simply not original enough anymore.

Nick can bend or break the laws of physics. It doesn't sound that special, but you haven't seen what he can do in a world where he controls gravity, friction, momentum, inertia, you name it. Nicky can send you flying with a good natured pat on the back, and he makes jumping over skyscrapers look easy. He also can fly, stop bullets before they hit him, and run faster than anything you'll ever see.

I have to say I enjoy being a superhero's girlfriend most of time. I can't even count the number of times he's saved me from the gruesome fate of a twisted ankle or a stubbed toe. The whole kidnapping or thrown-from-a-high-building scenarios have never really come up, but I'm sure he'd be there to save me.

It's not always easy, though. Other than his parents and me, no one knows about his abilities. For a year now, he's been able to live a double life, go to school each day, act normal, wear normal clothes, talk about normal things, hang out with normal friends. But when someone's in danger, Nick is never around. That's because the Ghost is.

The Ghost is Nick's alter ego, and this city's hero. He got the name because of the way he appears and disappears effortlessly, his speed unable to be tracked by the human eye. That's Nick's personal defense mechanism, and it's never failed him. No one knows that the famous Ghost is really Nick Nolan, high school senior, average joe by day, superhero by night.

This is my story, his story, and the story of everyone else who gets roped into this somehow. I'm not sure what's going to happen in this story of my life, but I'm writing this down because it's the only way I can sadfhgfdg-

My cellphone rang shrilly, making me jump in surprise and type random letters on my keyboard. With a sigh, I minimized the document and answered my phone.

"Hey, Nicky, what's up?" I asked, rising from my computer chair and crossing the minefield of dirty clothing that led to my bed.

"I'm just sitting at home, listening to the police scanner in case anything comes up. I just wondered what you were up to. Did you start your story?" he asked.

"Yup," I answered, flinging myself onto my bed. The frame creaked in annoyance as I tucked myself under the blankets. "I'm not sure how it's going to work, though. I'm not a very good writer, and everything I write just ends up sounding trite."

He sighed, and I could picture him shaking his head, his brown hair enticingly tousled as he ran his hand through it. "It's not about being a good writer and making it publish-worthy. I thought you wanted to write it so you had an outlet, since you can't tell anyone about... You know."

I looked at the walls as I considered his words, my eyes scanning over boy bands of years past. I really needed to update my room. "Yeah, you're right. And it did feel good just to write it down. I feel even crazier though. I mean, who writes a story about how they're dating a superhero? Even if it's true."

Nick laughed, and the sound brought a smile to my face. "Well, then I'm just as crazy, since I've been encouraging you to write it."

I laughed quietly. "I guess that's true. Hey, are we still on for this evening's poster painting? I'm supposed to be there in half an hour. I told Tasha that you weren't sure if you'd be able to make it or not."

"If nothing comes up, I'll be there," said Nick.

Just as he finished speaking, a familiar crackle on Nick's side of the phone made me sigh. "What's happening?" I asked, trying to make out the words being spoken on Nick's police scanner.

"There's a fire on 12th street. It doesn't sound too bad, but I should check it out," he said.

"Alright, be careful," I told him as I listened to the sound of him pulling his mask on. "I'll try to make it to the poster painting tonight at school, but I might be late," he said. I listened as he opened the window and leapt out, the wind making him hard to hear. "I gotta go. Bye, Arden."

"Bye, Nicky," I whispered as he hung up. With a sigh, I propped my pillow against the headboard and searched through piles of books until I found the remote. I flipped on the local news and picked up a book, waiting for the news team to arrive at the scene. They were faster today, I only had time to read four pages before the tv announced breaking news. A fire on 12th street. Fancy that.

The building, a small pizza parlor, bore a startling resemblance to a bonfire. Flames licked out through the windows, hungry for oxygen and more things to burn. But I watched with a smile as a blur darted in and out of the building, each time carrying a different survivor. Before the fire department even had the fire fully out, all the people were safely on the sidewalk. Thanks to him.

The news team with their microphones and cameras swarmed toward the Ghost, who darted out of the building one last time, assuring the crowd that everyone had gotten to safety.

Even having known Nick for years, I would've never guessed that Nick Nolan, high school senior, athletic, smart, ordinary Nick was the Ghost, a hero, confident, powerful. The two seemed like night and day, completely different individuals. But when I looked at either of them, I saw the same person. I saw Nick, the one I had been friends with for years before finally daring to change our relationship to something more. Nick who rushed into burning buildings. Nick who cried during a fire drill in preschool. Nick who tried out in the school play and didn't even get a role as an extra. Nick who winked at the camera and worked the crowd. Nick, always open and friendly. Nick, wearing a mask, an enigma. They were the same to me. They were both just Nick. Nick who loved me.

He shot one last smile at the camera, and even after all this time, my heart still skipped a beat when I saw that face. His eyes danced with wicked sexiness as his full lips parted, flashing a glimpse of white teeth. Suddenly he blinked and the moment was gone, my heart resumed its normal rhythm. He nodded to the camera before disappearing in a blur as cheers poured from the crowd. With a smile, I turned the tv off and went to my window, knowing exactly where the mysterious Ghost was headed. I opened my window just as he appeared outside it, hovering in the air like a hummingbird on steroids, a smile on his face. He darted in and took me in his arms, hugging me gently.

"Hey," he said simply, his eyes dancing from behind the Ghost's simple mask that hid everything but his eyes and lips.

"Hey," I laughed in return, rolling up his mask to plant a soft kiss on his jaw before leaning against his chest, only to wrinkle up my nose a moment later at the strong, acrid smell of smoke. "You stink." I looked up at him with mock exasperation. "Get out of my house and take a shower, you filthy excuse for a man."

"Shush," he said, his eyes trying to be stern. But even with his mask on, I knew he was smiling. He tugged off his mask, his brown hair flying out in every direction and bringing a smile to my face as well. "Any more luck on your story?"

"Nah, I was busy watching the news. It was a toss-up between that and Oprah."

"Must've been some news story," said Nick with a laugh.

"Who is that masked man?" I said, grinning, enjoying our casual banter.

Nick's phone buzzed in his pocket and he glanced at it with a sigh, then kissed my forehead and pulled away. "I'd better go. That was my parents. They still get freaked out when I'm not home within a minute after the news ends. You know how they are."

I nodded, entwining my fingers with his. "They're just trying to keep your secret safe. Are you still up for poster painting tonight?"

"Of course," he said quickly. "I'll just go home and shower, then I'll be ready."

"So if I leave now to go pick you up, will you be ready by the time my five minute drive to your house is over and I'm sitting in your driveway?"

He laughed and snatched up my keys from my nightstand, tossing them to me. "I don't know. It'll be a race. See you at my house."

He disappeared in an instant, probably already back at home. I trotted to the garage and hopped into my car, a smile on my face as I shook my head in wonder. Dating a superhero never gets old.

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