Standing in the street, he stretched his large black wings and flashed his fangs for the first time in thousands of years. He slowly drew up to his full six foot nine height and ran his hands over every part of him. He brushed the tips of his black nails over his long horns and through the thick main of long ebony hair. He ran his hands over his shoulders and then examined his 10 foot wings.

For the first time he noticed the weak little human who had summoned him. He immediately transformed into his human self and knelt, though it hurt his pride to do so. He could tell he had frightened her greatly and it pleased him immeasurably. He asked her in the most respectful of tones: "My lady, to what purpose may I serve you?" He listened, annoyed, as she explained her reason for summoning him. If it hadn't been so long since his last stretch of freedom, he would have killed her on the spot for her insolence.

That stupid little witch had called him to seek revenge on the human townspeople who had burned her mother at the stake in fear of her magic. In their fear of the unknown, they had damned themselves, and in her need for vengeance, the young maiden had also damned herself.

She had called upon the ancient demon, Daimonikós Thánato, for revenge and had to suffer the consequences. He reveled in his newfound freedom. The unsuspecting human girl knew nothing of what she had unleashed upon the world.

The ancient Greek demon had been much too powerful for the girl to contain, and shortly after completing her request that he destroy her village, he tortured her nearly to death and, days later, finally allowed her to die.

Since he had not been properly sent back to his prison, he was free to wreak havoc on humanity. The blood rained from the sky as he unleashed his army of minions upon the helpless planet of greedy, disgusting human cattle. For thousands of years, he killed mercilessly, never once opposed by one with the power to defeat him. But over the years, the urge to slaughter the human race waned and he began to grow bored with life.

He was jerked from his thoughts by a slight whimpering in the corner of dark alley he was trudging down. It was late and cold on this Saturday night in December. The sound suddenly stopped as he drew near. No fear or trepidation went through him, as he could easily destroy anything that sought to harm him.

Leaning over the nearest garbage can, he came face to face with a human child. She was small, with large frightened eyes and dirty, matted hair. Dirt and grime was smudged on her face and she shivered in her too thin clothing.

Disgusted, Daimonikós leaned back and turned to continue his prowl for the night's victim. He was startled when he felt the young girl slip her hand into his. Looking down, he sneered in disgust. He was startled to see that the girl was focused intently on him. Her eyes seemed much too wise for her young age.

"What are you, Mister?" The girl asked, quietly, never breaking eye contact.

"I am the thing that haunts your darkest dreams. Go back to your mother, girl. I have no use for you." He turned, but she held fast.

"I have no mommy. They didn't want me. They said I was a pest and a nuisance… What is a nuisance, Mister?" She replied.

"It is someone who causes problems. I can see how they would give you that name. I have only just encountered you and you have made quite the nuisance of yourself." He said, harshly. He snatched his hand from hers and began walking.

"I'm sorry, Mister… Before you leave, what are those on your head?" She whispered.

He froze in his tracks. Turning slowly, he leveled her with a glare that would terrify most men. The girl just looked up at him trustingly.

"What things?" He asked sharply.

"The pointy things," she answered.

He was silent for some time before he made his decision.

He grabbed the girl by the back of her shirt and hauled her over his shoulder. She didn't make as much as a squeak all the way to his loft. The demon carried her into his den and threw her down on the couch. Getting in her face, he hissed, "HOW CAN YOU SEE MY HORNS?"

For a moment she looked confused. "Hoe-ins?" She repeated.

"Yes, horns, the things on my head. How can you, a human, SEE them when I am in this form?" He all but yelled at her.

"I just looks and there they is. The pretty black hoe-ins on your head." She answered honestly.

"Would you like to see what goes with the horns, girl?" He sneered.

She nodded rapidly and her eyes widened as she took in his full demon form. She reached out a hand to stroke his blood red skin.

"Can you fly, Mister?" She asked, unafraid.

"Yes, when I wish to." He answered, somewhat daunted by her lack of fear for him.

"Your wings are pretty, Mister." She beamed at him.

He frowned and corrected her. "I am a male. Males are never pretty. Beauty in a male is referred to as handsome, understand?"

"Yes, Mister… Do you have a name, Mister?" She said.

"My name is Daimonikós Thánato." He replied, shortly. "Poio eínai to ónomá sou, tou anthró̱pou? What is your name, human?"

"Well Nikos, my name is Dawn Mason-Cullen. I'm four!" She replied, proudly.

"What is that name you called me? That is not my name and you will not use it." He griped.

"Well I can't say Dominos Tanti." She argued, stumbling over the complex name. "I got to call you something."

"Fine, you may call me Nikos, but only among humans. When in the presence other demons, you will refer to me as Árchontas. It means lord or master." He dictated.

"Yes, Árchontas." She said, solemnly. "WAIT, does this mean I get to stay with you!" She asked excitedly.

He hesitated before nodding.

"I would like to find what makes you immune to my glamour. You shouldn't have been able to see my horns." He mumbled to himself.

She smiled innocently and jumped up from the couch. "Okay Archontas, but I'm hungry. Can I have something to eat?" She asked.

He looked puzzled for a moment. "Um, what do you eat exactly?" He asked.

The girl thought for a minute. "Well… PIZZA!" She exclaimed.

"And where do you get this pizza?" He asked her.

"From the phone, silly!" she giggled.

Nikos pulled his cell phone from the pocket of his jeans and handed it to her. She took it and went into the kitchen, searching for something.

"What are you doing?" Nikos asked.

"Looking for the phonebook, have you seen it?" She asked him.

"It is in the drawer over there. What do you need it for?" He replied.

"I need the number, duh." She replied absentmindedly as she flipped through the pages. After finding the number, she dialed the pizza place and ordered. She seemed frustrated when they asked her to speak to her parents. Handing the phone to Nikos, she had him repeat her order and confirm the address for delivery.

The pizza arrived and Nikos watched as Dawn consumed it with a look of curiosity.

"Want a piece?" she asked offering him some.

Curious, he took it and ate a piece. Dawn giggled at the surprised look on his face. "You act like you've never had pizza."

"I haven't." He stated bluntly. "I don't require human food to live. It is unnecessary."

"Wow, I don't really know what it feels like to not be hungry." She whispered.

"Well, you will never be hungry so long as you are with me, Mikrí̱ daímonas." He promised.

"What is Mikrí̱?" She asked.

"Mikrí̱ daímonas, it means little demon." He replied.

"Oh… do I get to by YOUR little demon?" She mumbled.

"Yes, as long as you wish it, you will be mine." He reassured her.

"Good,… Um, do you have a bathroom?" She asked.

"Yes, It is the third door on the right." He replied.

Dawn ran off to take a shower while Nikos busied himself with cleaning up her mess. A while later Dawn crept hesitantly into the den. She was clad in only a towel.

"Nikos, I don't got no clothes." She said, embarrassed.

He looked at her, puzzled. "Just manifest some."

"Manny… what?" She asked.

"You know, pop them out of thin air." He replied, looking a bit annoyed.

"I can't do that, Nikos." She said.

"Well then we have a problem. Where do you normally get clothes?" He asked.

"From the mall, silly. Can we go there?" She asked, hopeful.

"Yes, I will take you there. We must get some more food as well." Nikos popped them right into the middle of a clothing store.

"NIKOS! You can't do that!" Dawn scolded him.

"Why?" He said.

"Because normal people can't DO that!" she hissed.

"Oh, very well, I will not do it again." He replied, matter of factly.

"Good." She nodded. "Ooooh! That's pretty!" Dawn rushed off to look at clothes with Nikos trailing behind her.

A while later Dawn was headed toward the dressing room with piles of clothes in her arms. She walked into the girls dressing room closely followed by Nikos.

"NO! Nikos, you can't come in here!" Dawn scolded.


"Because this is the GIRL'S dressing room! No boys allowed!" Dawn explained.

Two young women off to the side stared at them with amused expressions.

"That doesn't matter. It isn't safe to go without me. I can't protect you if I'm not there." Nikos said.

"I can take care of myself. Besides, you will be right outside. It's not like you won't notice if someone tries to walk off with me!" Dawn reasoned.

"Fine, but I will be right outside." He grumped.

"Good." Dawn skipped off to try on her clothes. Just as she rounded the corner out of sight, the two women approached Nikos.

"Is she yours?" The first one asked.

"She belongs to me, yes." He answered, curtly.

"She's so cute! How old is she?" She second asked.

"Four." He replied.

"And where is her mother?" The first asked, slyly.

"She is dead." (Or will be soon) He thought.

"Oh, I'm sorry." The first said, looking pleased.

"Yes, that's so sad." She second added.

"So what are you doing Saturday?" The first asked.

Dawn skipped into the nearest open stall. She took her time trying on all of the many articles of clothing she had picked out. When she finished, she gathered up all of the ones she liked and skipped to the hallway.

"Well, look what I found. A little girl, all alone." A voice sang from behind her, punctuated by stifled laughter.

Dawn whirled around to see two people behind her, a man and a woman.

"Who are you?" Dawn asked, unafraid.

"We are hungry." The woman said, laughing again.

"Okay, what are you?" Dawn asked.

That brought the couple up short. "We are human, what else?" The man answered.

"No you're not. Humans don't have red eyes." Dawn said.

"And how can you see our eyes?" she woman asked.

"Well I look at them mostly." Dawn answered.

"You little twit, I will drain you for that!" The woman snarled, flashing a deadly set of fangs.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that." Dawn said.

"And why not? What are you going to do about it?" She woman hissed.

"Well, I will tell on you. My Árchontas wouldn't like it if you hurt me." Dawn replied.

"Yeah, well I'm not afraid of your little friend, girl." She woman said.

"You should be." Dawn said. With that, the couple rushed her. They grabbed her around her waist and tried to drag her into one of the stalls.

"NIKOS!" Dawn screamed.

Nikos heard Dawn scream just as he was attempting to escape the two human females.

"Sorry, I must attend to Dawn." He tossed over his shoulder as he charged into the dressing room.

He slid to a halt at the sight of two lowly vampires attempting to kidnap his progeny. Seething, he let out a growl so low human ears couldn't detect it.

Dawn was the first to freeze.

"Nikos, get them off me! Let me go you uglies, Árchontas will beat you up!" Dawn threatened.

Upon laying eyes on Nikos, both of the vampires froze in place.

"How dare such lowly creatures lay hands on my child! I should nail you to the street to wait for the dawn!" Nikos snarled.

As quickly as possible, the two vampires released Dawn and set her gently in front of Nikos. Instead of rushing to him for comfort, Dawn stood, insulted.

"You should never lay hands on your betters! I warned you that you would regret it!" Dawn seethed. For an instant, it seemed as if Dawns hair and eyes flashed red, but it was gone so quickly, Nikos thought he had imagined it.

Before Nikos could take any action against the vampires, Dawn began to speak in ancient Greek.

"Plásmata tou skótous, egó̱ katára boreíte na perpatí̱sete apó ti̱ Gi̱ af̱tó to xi̱méro̱ma kai na doúme ti̱n telef̱taía tou aió̱nia katadíki̱ souópo̱s sas koitázo̱ sto moiraío aktínes tou í̱liou! (Creatures of the darkness, I curse you to walk the Earth this dawn and see the last of your eternal damnation as you stare at the fatal rays of the sun!)" Dawn demanded.

Both of the vampires immediately vanished, and as they did, Dawn collapsed upon the floor. Nikos took her in his arms and gathered her clothes. He paid for them and took her home. The rest could wait until tomorrow.

The next day Nikos, took Dawn back to the mall and tried another attempt at getting her some clothes. It was apparent to him now that the little girl was not human, but a Demon Princess and, though that didn't change much in his eyes, he now understood much of the girls quirks.

Nikos was unprepared, however, to meet a curious young woman at the mall that was at least half demon and seemed to quickly realize exactly who and what Dawn was. The girl did not threaten Dawn, though so Nikos could not see the harm in allowing her contact with his new progeny.