Hi, I'm Safrina, and I'm a freak. I'm sixteen and I live in a small apartment with my cat in east Manhattan. I work as a grocery store clerk and I make minimum wage. It's not easy being emancipated and making your own way in the world at sixteen. But I'm not alone. Not really…

Just so you know, I'm Goth. Just putting it out there. It's my thing. Get over it.

I walked into my room after a particularly long and grueling shift at the store to see Doth playing with my cat. Doth and I have been friends for years. When I was younger, I figured that he was my imaginary friend. I didn't realize at the time that my friend was a ten thousand year old demon warlord. But you can't blame me! Looking at him, all you see is a young Goth boy of about 18 with boyish good looks and a deadly charm. It makes me glad that the only other person who can see him ( girl wise) is Kalie, and she is taken, though by Adam or Barrons (or both?) I don't know.

I hadn't seen Doth in a few months and hid missed him. I jumped into his arms and gave him a long hug, much to the silent chagrin of Doth's demon subordinates.

I spent about an hour catching up with Doth and the goings on in the Demon Realm. It startled me to learn that a young demon princess had been kidnapped. Doth, being in good with most circles in the Demon Realm, was able to tell me that the girl was taken from the custody of her older brother, the eldest demon prince and Doth's half brother, Tom. Tom, being the ruler of the Demon Realm, was under a lot of stress and his safety was almost always compromised.

When young princess Dawn was abducted from the care of her familiar Drek, a lower class demon, the entire royal court set out to look for her, but Tom and Drek had disappeared. Doth assumed that Tom had set out to look for her on his own, leaving the Realm in his and Barrons care.

Barrons, always the rebel, had stoutly refused to assume any responsibility for the kingdom and hadn't left the mortal Realm (My house) since.

I could understand that Doth had a lot of responsibilities, but I was disappointed he had waited nearly a month to tell me. But then it dawned on me. I had recently make friends with yet another powerful demon. His name was Nikos and he was nearly as, if not more, ancient as Doth.

I had come across him at a local mall buying young girl's clothes. Knowing demons like I do, I knew better that to ask questions, but I was too tempted by the ancient warrior to keep myself hidden. I approached him and was nearly close enough to touch when he noticed my presence. Swirling around, he grabbed me and dragged me into a nearby dressing room.

"Woah!" I yelled. "Down, boy! I mean you no harm."

"It is not me you would seek to harm." He growled.

"Dude," I huffed, "If I wanted someone else, why would I approach YOU!"

He looked me up and down before deciding that I was no threat. I had to try extremely hard to keep Breed, my very overprotective supernatural boyfriend, from popping in to 'save me'.

I smiled at the demon and assured him that I was only curious. I quickly listed all of the demons I was friends with, only some of which he had heard of. He had just released me when a young girl, of about 5, came skipping out of one of the dressing rooms with a huge mound of clothes.

She skidded to a stop and eyed me and the demon.

"Nikos, is she going to attack me too?" She said.

Before Nikos could answer, I knelt down by her and stuck out my hand. "Of course not, love. Why would I attack a lovely little demon such as you?" I assured her.

Nikos tensed and stared openly at me as the girl took my hand. She eyed me and them took my other hand. "Mice to meet you, Miss. Are you friends with my new daddy, Nikos?"

I shot Nikos a look. "New daddy?" I asked.

The demon quickly explained to me that he had found her in an alley in downtown NY. I was amazed that he decided to take her in. It seemed like such a HUMAN thing to do.

I was quickly pulled from my thoughts by a shocking realization. The young girl that Nikos had found was the Princess! The girl's name was Dawn and she fit the age and description of the missing girl. Feeling that the girl would be safe with Nikos for now, I left and went home.

Walking in the door, I quickly got Doth's attention, for he was deep in conversation with one of his subordinates, and pulled him to the side. I told him about Nikos and Dawn. He was shocked and quickly jumped to the conclusion that Nikos had abducted her.

I was reluctant to believe that, as Nikos seemed to me trustworthy and Dawn had given him her heart already. Also, the timing was off. Nikos had only had Dawn for a few days and it had been nearly a month since she disappeared. That was a long time during which Dawn's whereabouts were unknown.

This was a problem for later, however. The most important thing at that moment was to find Tom and get him back to the castle and on the Demon Realm Throne. The longer he was out, thinking irrationally, the greater the chance that he would be killed or do something stupid.

I called Breed from the Nether Realm, a realm for members of the Select Breed. Breed was the ruler of his Realm and had been for several hundred millenniums. His long lithe body stretched over nine feet tall when in his Select form. He had snake-like eyes and long incisors that tapered to deadly points in his mouth. He did his best to hide his long black forked tongue while in the prescience of demons.

The Select Breed and the Demon hierarchy had been at war since the beginning, but much like with the vampires and werewolves, they call a temporary truce while on my property. Come in peace or leave in pieces, to borrow a phrase.

Breed appeared almost instantly within the room, stepping silently from the swirling green portal. The last effects of his Select Realm magic faded and I rushed to embrace him. The demons in the room all instinctively crouched around me defensively and hissed a warning.

I looked around angrily at the band of demons before stepping around them to hug Breed. I kissed him lightly on the lips before filling him in on the situation. The breed species had a special ability I call selective sight. They can close their eyes and, with just the name of a person, find anyone's location.

Much like demons, breed can only teleport to an unknown location if summoned, but unlike demons, breed can walk the human Realm without royal permission. Breed, of course wouldn't care either way, but there are thousands of lower castes of breed that are not of the royal house. All breed, from the highest to the lowest of blood can walk freely on earth.

Demons, however, could only walk freely when members of the royal family by blood. Any low class demon on the other side had a royal class demon with them somewhere. Doth was a prince, so he and Barrons had no problem with popping in and out. It was also handy that I was able to, like Breed, sense the connections between a demon prince and his summoned subordinates.

Every demon emits his own unique magical frequency and very few humans with sight could see it. Kalie, for example can't see the link between Barrons and his subordinates. Did I mention that I'm not human? Oops. I am a supe of the royal line in two ways, but we will talk about that later.

My sight was the reason I wasn't surprised when Breed suddenly launched himself across the room to land on one of Doth's lower class demons. You see, demons can't see demon frequencies, only those of other species, but Breed can see them all. It just happened that the frequency of this demon had a slightly bluish tinge as opposed to Doth's royal purple.

I easily recognized the frequency because I had seen it often over the years. Breed, however, didn't recognize it and was currently attempting to sever the demons head with his bare hands. Though the thought mad me smile evilly inside, I tramped down the urge and caught Breed by his shoulder.

He froze the instant I touched his skin, fangs bared and a menacing growl aimed at the young demon. I sighed. The demon signature perfectly matched my half brother Mason. I had seen so many of his thralls, hired thugs or paid body guards not loyal to the family, that I had noticed it the instant I walked in the door.

I was slightly embarrassed that I had let myself get distracted by Dawn's appearance. I pulled Breed off of the thrall and knelt by his side. "Why did he send you to watch Doth?" I asked.

He immediately looked into my eyes and opened his mouth to answer. Since I shared blood with Mason, he was compelled to answer any question I asked truthfully.

"I was sent to watch you, not him. The master said you are coming upon the age of your ascention and I must notify him as the change progresses."

I released him and pushed my way through the subordinates who had rushed to the aid of the thrall, not knowing of his treachery. I sighed as I collapsed on my bed and tried to block out all of the questions shooting at me.

In case any of you are lost, I am adopted. My biological parents are a strange, unheard-of mix. My father, the worthless bastard was a royal class breed with the sight and my mother was the queen of the demon realm. Demons aren't big on monogamy or faithful marriages, so technically, if I wanted to rule the demon realm after I ascended, I could. Even though I was 'tainted' with Breed blood, the demons are a matriarchy and Tom is only ruler because Diana and Brian, the queen and king of the demon realm (Who were killed when Dawn was abducted) had only boys and an eight year old girl. Because I am female, I am automatically of purer blood and of higher importance than any male because demon females are rare.

For every hundred male demons, one female demon is born. My half brothers Doth, Tom, Barrons, Damon, Ross, Brian Jr, Quinn, Tony, Cory, Mark, Brandon, Scott, John, Issac, Xander, Alex, Auberon, Eros, Hawk, Cody, Stefen, Matt, and the twins Harry and Drake are all overprotective of me.

I know what you're thinking. 'Oh my god! You have twenty-four brothers!' I know. But think, when you live for several thousand years, you have plenty of time for 'family making'. It was just about a year ago that I found out I was adopted. I had been spending nearly every second of my time with my demon half brother, who didn't know who I was either.

I was EXTREMELY surprised when I was accidentally transported into the demon realm with him one time. I was immediately surrounded by at least two dozen large, dark, powerful demon warriors.

I'm sure all of my half brothers were surprised to see a half demon little girl (to them) clutching the second oldest prince of the Realm. I didn't know that they had been looking for him for just under twenty years. Who know what he was doing before we met.

But that's a story for another book. I will do my best to keep on subject.

I was pulled from my reverie by the thrall.

He came up to me and insisted that I had to evacuate to a safe house in Manhattan so that my brothers could protect me. After a LOT of arguing, I loaded up with Breed and the few of my friends who were taking human means of transportation to Manhattan.

We settled into the large house that was hidden behind several larger industrial buildings and reachable through several guarded alleyways. I was set up with a human job nearby and was on my way home from my first day of work when all hell broke loose.