"Dawn, are you paying attention?" Dori asked.

Dori was my teacher. The young woman had brown hair and eyes. She kept her hair in a bun and wore square framed glasses over her straight nose. Like almost everyone in the Elvin kingdom, she had a perfect olive complexion.

I was staring out the window at the garden, sitting in my usual spot at a large wooden table littered with books, papers, pens, ink bottles, and diagrams. Dori was standing next to a black board impatiently waiting for me to answer.

"Dawn! Pay attention, I'm not up here for my own benefit," She continued. I looked up and sighed. "I'm sorry Dori, I can't seem to focus today," I said apologetically. I had been thinking about the war. The Elves and Dragons had been at war for years.

"I understand; that is enough for today," she said "Go get some rest."

I collected my books, left the room, and turned down the long hallway headed for my room. I entered through a large door at my right and shut myself into the room. I threw the books onto a dresser and went to my bedside table. Picking up a brush, I looked into the mirror.

I sighed as I began running the brush through my hair. I had long, black hair. Though I never thought about it, I often received complements on my hair. People told me how it was so beautiful, silky, thick, and straight.

There was a knock at my door and Pansy, my best friend and dress maid, walked into the room. "I have your new riding clothes and cloak. You should try them out later. Dinner is in two minutes, so get dressed and head down to the dining hall," she said as she rushed out of the room.

I went to my wardrobe and pulled out a long green gown, without even looking at what I was putting on, I laced up the ties and headed to the dining hall where my mother, Dianna, and my father, Damar were waiting for me.

"We were just discussing the war. We have reason to believe the dragons are planning an attack," Damar said, as I walked into the large hall.

"Enough talk of the war for now, dear," my mother said, "We should talk of more pleasant things."

I didn't feel much like talking. I wasn't sure why I was unhappy, just that I was. I felt like something was missing. I didn't understand how this could be. My life was perfect. I was a princess in a castle, heir to the throne, gorgeous in every way, talented at everything I did. I wanted for nothing, yet I was empty. I went through the meal in silence. My parents, guessing my mood, didn't question the change.

After I finished eating, I excused myself and headed up to my room. When I arrived in my room, I quickly changed into my new riding outfit and put on a long velvet cloak. I wasn't going to stay here so everyone could watch me wallow in my misery.