I close my eyes and start to think

straining my memory to the brink

I try to recall what brought me hear

all the choices, pain, and fear

I start to ponder all it's brought

as i lay there lost in thought

thinking of all the things i've done

of the price of all my fun

All the things i've never seen

and how my hair is never clean

I think of all i've given up

for what sits inside my cup

I think of all the friends i've lost

and i think of what it cost

the pretty clothes I used to wear

how all the guys used to stear

I think of all the things i've tried

to keep my craving satisfied

I think of all the things I took

turning me into a crook

I think of all the things I sold

and how the warmth of trust turned cold

of how my friends abandoned me

of how i was too blind to see

i think of all the pain inside

of how it was to much to hide

I think of how I don't feel whole

of how i learned to play my role

I think of how i sucked in school

of how i thought my drugs were cool

I think of how my friends said no

and told me my drugs had to go

I think i finnaly start to see

All the things wrong with me

And now I feel its time to show

all the drugs just what I know

Self Intervention

By Tracee Johnson