The time was coming and I knew it drew near.

So I held my children tight,

I loved my strongest and made it clear,

I'd not give in without a fight.

The time was coming much too fast,

When they would need what I couldn't give,

So they would leave and find their way.

The only way to live.

So the time came and the children changed.

Though once the same they vibrantly turned,

Becoming their own and feeling caged

The once loving embrace now is spurned.

The urge to leave grew and raged,

Leaving only discontent,

Until the turning came and passed,

And the children on their way, were sent.

Twirling and soaring we flew in the world.

Once only a thing to see.

Now has become a wonder,

A new and magical place to be.

We thought of it as only yard,

Surrounding our home endlessly.

But with the new eyes, so recently freed,

We seek to find our destiny.

Our mother bound could only watch,

As we let our freedom soar,

Gently admiring from afar

Aching in her core.

Though it pained us to depart

The yearning could not be killed

Though it broke our mothers heart

Our hearts could not be stilled.

We took wing in metaphorical flight

though we knew it would not last

So we raved in the new found joy

And savored the finite repast.

I watched as they grew and blossomed.

I provided all they would need.

The warmth and love a father gives

To his growing seed.

I fed their every craving

So their wish was not denied

When they yearned to leave our love

And explore the world outside.

I gave them all a man could give

And then removed myself, my heart

Made to give my children life

To which I was no longer part.

The mother and I grew distant

Each coping in our own way

Watching and loving distantly

Waiting day by day

So when the flight of the children waned

And they floated gently down

We grew together to watch the kids

Nestled upon the ground

Underneath a newfound home

They lay in peaceful joy.

Watching from below the boughs.

No longer girl nor boy

They looked upon the lovers

Both the sun and earth

As they start another cycle

Another round of birth.

The mother earth was happy

For her children had come home

And the father Sun was blissful

To have more life to hone.

The children that were grown now

Their lives at a close

Watched as new live came and grew

And blossomed like a rose.