The Coming of the Sun

Sitting on a rolling hill

Staring out across the night

All is calm and all is still

Infinite stars shine so bright

Twinkling in an endless dance

Interrupted by the sun

Strewn across the great expanse

Outnumber me a mill-to-one

I feel so small against its size

Looking up into the sky

But soon the blazing sun will rise

To hide the sparkles from my eye

I take it in while it is here

I lose myself in the beauty

Forget the reasons that I fear

Expel the worry of my duty

Enjoy the break from all the madness

For it will end in coming dawn

All the man-made hurt and sadness

Fueled by greed and satanic spawn

What's the point why the fuss

In the peace it's hard to see

All the things that torment us

And the reason we let them be

As the sum kills the stars

So she kills the sense of rightness

The peace is drowned in the bars

That fills the sky with flooding brightness

So I stand to walk away

Sad to see the darkness gone

And as I leave my hill I say

"Now's the time to journey on."