Chapter 11

"Wait, I thought you were the chief's daughter. Wouldn't you have his last name?" Tyler asked.

I blushed and explained, "My mom had my last name changed to hers because taking the mother's name was a family tradition. She only took dad's last name because he wanted it. When they divorced, she changed both of our names back to Vaimhunt."

"That would make sense. The royal family in Everfall follows the maternal line instead of the male line like modern society." Warren explained.

"Yes, but the thing that gets me is that you said all of the people in Everfall are supernatural. This would obviously mean that the Vaimhunt family is too. I know for a fact that Vaimhunt is a strictly supernatural surname. The fact that Leelu has it means that before she became wolf, she was something else." Damon interjected.

"Yeah, but no one knows what the Vaimhunts are. They have proven a few times that they are supernatural, but the traits they revealed were uncharacteristic of any supe I can think of." Tank said.

"Well, all the more reason to go to Europe!" I said brightly. "Let's go visit grandma and grandpa, shall we?"

Damon and Warren shared an amused glance before discussing flight times and arranging for someone to open the club.

"Wait!" Matt said, "I thought no humans could get to this place. So how the hell are we going to take a plane?"

Damon smiled evilly. "Well, there is something I have been neglecting to tell you. We are so rich we make Bill Gates look like a two dollar whore." Damon said, shooting a covert glance to me.

He looked shocked for a moment. Shooting me a suspicious glare, he asked "Why don't you look shocked like the rest of them?"

I smiled sheepishly. "I helped Warren balance the books on one of the days that you weren't at the club. It isn't hard to figure out the fact that your business is extremely profitable. It didn't take too much thought to multiply your yearly income by like a million years, even thought I know it isn't your only business, and the number I came up with was pretty big." I explained.

"And how did you know to multiply it my 'like a million years'?" Damon grilled.

I smiled and said, "Because, Mr. Suspicious, you just said that supes are immortal. I figure if you save your money right, you would accumulate a shit load of money."

"That was very observant of you." Warren commented.

"Thanks" I smiled. "And I figure since you are so fucking rich you would have your own private jet. I noticed you didn't discuss which airline, just what time to leave."

"This girl's power of intuition is scary, brother." Warren said. Damon just sent me a smoldering look.

And that was how we ended up on a plane to Europe. The jet was very posh on the inside. It had bedrooms, recliners, couches, tables, and even a mini bar. If I didn't already know that the two half nymphs were loaded, this would have given it away immediately.

I settled down on the nearest couch holding Regina while the other boys took turns with Alex and Buffy. Someone had installed a playpen, but I could tell that it would only be used to sleep in. These children were going to be very spoiled.

We decided shortly after making the plans that the wolves would be transported with us in the jet. All eleven of them were currently camped out in one of the bedrooms. The rest of the litter was nursing and would soon be crawling around the cabin. It would be a while before we landed, and I was feeling tired. Just before I nodded off, I felt Regina be gently lifted from my arms.

Looking up, I saw Damon cradling Regina in his arms and slowly rocking her. Warren came over with a blanket and wrapped me in it before carrying me into one of the bedrooms. Both Damon and Warren seemed momentarily shocked when Matt, Tyler, and Josh came and curled up with me after putting the babies in the pen. They were closely followed by the wolves, so Damon, Warren, and Tank had to hurry to get a good spot.

Before long, we were all curled up in a huge ball in the center of Damon's California King mattress. I smiled at my family before dozing off. It would be a long trip, but at least I had my newly expanded family. I could get used to this…

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