Once he caught onto the Strength of the World, he felt Betrayed. He cried, "Seize the Day!" and the rest thought he was M.I.A. Every part of his life was Trashed and Scattered. This must be Fiction. It wasn't Almost Easy. He wanted to Scream. He was Lost. He was in a living Nightmare, while the others screeched, "Welcome to the Family." He was reaching the Danger Line, being Buried Alive. The world made him their Victim. "Save Me!" he screamed, the Darkness Surrounding. The others were So Far Away. This would be The Wicked End. "Dear God," he began, "please show me A Little Piece of Heaven. Bring me to the Afterlife." He looked around, seeing only Lips of Deceit. This was An Epic of Time Wasted. He continued, "Show me to your Eternal Rest. I'm on the Streets; and I'm Shattered by Broken Dreams. I've been through Thick and Thin. Bring upon me Warmness on the Soul." He shared with the Lord his Unholy Confessions. He was Blinded in Chains. "Give to me my Brompton Cocktail," he pleaded. He began to Turn the Other Way; and they told him "We Come Out At Night," but by now they were Forgotten Faces. "I Won't See You Tonight," he whispered. "And All Things Will End."