She should've let Lena drive her home, but she had stupidly rejected her best friend's offer, telling her that it wasn't a far walk from the club to her apartment and she needed the exercise anyway. She hadn't been thinking clearly, obviously. She was drunk, and she wasn't in a good part of town; a pretty girl like herself, wearing skimpy clothes and carrying around a five hundred dollar Coach bag at three in the morning was just asking for trouble, and trouble was just what she would get.

She didn't even realize that she was being followed. The man was from the club, and he'd been watching her the entire night. He knew everything about her, from where she grew up, to her bra size, and what kind of underwear she liked. He was obsessed with her, but he'd been obsessed with her before her pictures had started appearing in magazines. He had gone to high school with her. That was when the obsession started. The stalking had started after they graduated. It was his perfect opportunity to finally get her alone, after all this time...he'd dreamed of the day he'd confess everything to her, everything he'd had to do to follow her here and how much he loved her and wanted to be with her. He imagined how romantic it would be and how fan-fucking-tastic the sex would be. He had every single magazine she had ever modeled for.

"Hey there." He called out, standing under the flickering street light, staring down at his feet. A drunken Serena stopped dead in her tracks, and spun around. Somebody had been following her, and her first instinct was to run, but it was like she was paralyzed or something, because all she could do was stand there, and stare blankly into the darkness, confused, not in the right state of mind. This man looked so...familiar. He was tall, and kind of chubby, with messy, long, shaggy black hair and cold blue eyes. He looked like he hadn't shaved in a week or two. He was wearing tight black jeans and an unflattering white v-neck t-shirt that was stained. His Converse sneakers were old and ratty. She knew this guy from somewhere, but she couldn't remember where.

"Back in high school, I always dreamed about this...the day I'd finally work up the guts to talk to you. Of course, you were different back then...not all into the glamour and were a real rebel, I always like how you just didn't give a shit and you were your own person. I always admired you for that… and I'm sure you never noticed me, but you were all I thought about. You're still all I think about." He approached her then, the scent of sweat and cheap cologne filled her nose. "We're meant to be together, Serena." She shook her head no, backing away in confusion and fear. "G-g-get away from me...I don't know have the wrong girl", she stuttered. He looked slightly hurt, like he had been expecting an entirely different reaction from her.

But, he came closer. "Oh, but Serena, I'm not going to do that, darling. Why would I waste such a perfect opportunity?" before she could try and run, he grabbed her by the arm roughly, and she yelped in surprise; "Please, just let me go, I have money, you can have it all, I just want to go home." She pleaded with him, her mind spinning. It couldn't be happening, it just couldn't be. It had to be a vile, filthy nightmare. But it wasn't a nightmare. He dragged her into the alley, which was dark and smelled like beer and vomit. He threw her down on the ground and she started to scream as he got on top of her, unzipping his pants. Her eyes were wide with fear. "Oh, but baby, it isn't your money that I want", he smiled, "Its you."

Author's Note: I've had this saved in my documents for about two years now. It's a short one-shot that I had actually written for a roleplay introduction, but I turned it into a short story. This has always been one of my favorite one-shots that I've written, and I decided it was finally time I post it and share it with others. Enjoy. ;)