Hirkono Order

Mishuro Monta wandered the streets in search of something to do. He was in one of his regular moods that never seemed to end. This is what causes him to only have his one friend, Mina Tileriano.

"Life is ever so dull." Mishuro said to himself.

It was a rainy day and most of the people who passed him had umbrellas. He lived in an average city that wasn't very interesting, no more than any other city any way, which was simply not enough for Mishuro.

"Mishy!" Mina called from behind him as she ran to keep up. "Hi Mishy, what are you doing?"

"Nothing, as usual, and stop calling me Mishy, if you must shorten my name then call me Mish."

"Ok, Mishy, Mish, I like Mishy better."

"Huu, very well."

"What are you doing out in the rain?"

"Looking for something interesting to do, but of course, there is nothing." Mishuro said miserably. "If only life were like the manga I read. Life is ever so dull."

"Is that your catch phrase or something?" Mina asked annoyed of Mishuro's personality.

"Why would you ask that?"

"Because it's all you ever say. Just yesterday you answered a question in class with that."

"Your point?"


"Huu, Mina, life is just so dull I feel that's all there is to say."

"God, you are so emo."

"Am not."

"Are too, at least it seems like it sometimes, and you clothing doesn't help."

It was true, Mishuro always wore practically the same thing every day. A black, hooded sweatshirt with a skull and dark pants with his black, faded sneakers with skull and blood designs personally drawn on. He also had skull stud earrings and black, short forward moving hair and dark eyes that actually were black, which doctors could never explain, and dark bags under his eyes from a lack of sleep.

"Well, even if I were, I'd have good reason. We live in a Japanese city, and yet we have nothing interesting in our lives. Japan is the heart of fiction and crazy adventures, or at least it is in manga, and yet we still do nothing besides school. Besides, being emo is better than being an overly cheery red head that looks like she made her clothes out of an actual rainbow."

This was also true. Mina was almost the exact opposite of Mishuro, it was a wonder why they were friends. She had bright red hair and sparking eyes that changed every color, it was like her genetics couldn't decide and switched between every color in a rainbow, most commonly green. She also had short, dangling earrings that were in the design of a smiley face with a rainbow over, because Mina couldn't choose if she liked the rainbow earrings or smiley face earrings better so she asked for a custom pair, all of which Mishuro had the discomfort of witnessing. She also wore a rainbow colored, some would call it hippie wear, toga like dress and flip flops. She also wore those loose bracelets that clang all over and easily fall off, of all different colors and her large rainbow colored handbag. She really looked like a walking rainbow.

"So I decide to be happy and not a total emo freak, that's a bad thing?" She demanded angrily, and in a way that told you that they have had this fight before.

"You look like a hippie."

"AHHWW, you are so frustrating!"

"Thank you for the compliment." He said sarcastically and dryly at the same time, if that were at all possible. "By the way, why are you out here?"

"…Oh, um, I forgot actually."

Typical behavior of Mina's, she was always forgetting things. "Were you planning on going shopping… again?" He said annoyed.

"Umm… oh yeah, I was, but grocery shopping, my mom wants me to get some milk and a few other things, I have a list in here." She started to go through her handbag. She kept everything in there, including her school books, it was a miracle how much it would fir, and somehow she never lost stuff in it. "Here it is." Mina said pulling out her list. "Want to come with me?"

"I suppose." Mishuro said with a shrug.

The two walked off to the convenience mart. After they were done shopping they come out with Mina's bag looking rather full, yet she could still find a way to keep more in there. The two walked from the store when a loud explosion was heard in the distance with it being visible in the air.

"What was that!?" Mina asked horrified, nearly dropping her bag.

"Whatever it is it's more interesting than groceries, let's go." Mishuro ran off taking Mina's hand dragging her along, again almost dropping her bag as it flew behind her.

The two ran a few blocks where they saw what caused the explosion. A car crash, and a very bad one at that.

"It was just a crash, what a pity." Mishuro said disappointed.

"MISHURO! People have just been in a serious accident, and you're concerned that it was just a crash!?"

"…Yes." Mishuro answered dryly.

"OH MY GOD! I swear, sometimes, I think you need mental help."

Mishuro just shrugged.

Police were all over examining the two cars, yellow do not cross tape everywhere. One car was a green convertible, the other a black race car. Strange cars to get into an accident with each other, but it happened non-the less, and it was very bad. The race car looked almost fine but the convertible was completely smashed in the front, the window shattered. The black car had no one in it, which was strange, but the green car's driver… oh it was horrible, much to horrible to describe, it was covered in blood and broken bits of glass, the man (was it a man, the damage was too bad to tell) had his arm dangling out of the car, blood dripping from his finger tips. If the man weren't dead, he was wishing he was.

"Damn." Mishuro said dryly, as he did most things.

"Oh that's so horrible, that poor man, or person, I can't tell." Mina said tears already welling in her eyes.

The police put the driver on a gurney and pushed him into an ambulance.

"What happened serge?" A police officer asked the sergeant.

"We're not sure, there's been no sign of the other driver."

"Strange, how could anyone withstand that crash and just leave with out leaving a clue to where he is?"

"I'm not sure… this may have been a hit and run, we'll have to wait to see what the detectives come up with. For now try and control the crowd."

"Yes serge."

So the officer came around, telling people to calm down and shoo and such non-sense, as hardly any one listened. Mishuro noticed one girl in the crowd that stood out from the rest. There were many people looking over the accident, but she stood out from the rest. She was about Mishuro and Mina's age, 16, and had long, black, straight flowing hair with shine and even darker eyes than Mishuro. She wore a bog, black coat and black high heels and held a pitch black umbrella. She stared intently on the crash and then walked off. Mishuro wasn't sure why but he knew he had to follow this person. He took leaving Mina standing there.

"Hu," Mina noticed him leave, "Mishuro, wait up! Mishy! Mish!" She cried running after him, thinking that this was strange behavior for him.

Mishuro kept running after the girl, with Mina close behind. He chased her to a lone sidewalk next to a lush green field. There was one lone tree and not far from it a tunnel with graffiti all over it. Though one design stood out for Mishuro, as he could see that one part of the graffiti was Japanese writing with the words: Hirkono Order

As the girl walked past the tree a shadow appeared from it and it appeared to be a boy about a year older than us. He wore a black leather jacket with a white shirt underneath, cameo pants, and black boots. He had stud earrings of skulls like Mishuro and dark brown hair with bronze streaks. His eyes surprisingly weren't dark, but electric blue. He was tall and lean and muscular and didn't look like the kind of person you would wanna pick a fight with.

"Did you get the target?" He asked the girl.

She shook her head yes.

"Hey, you two!" Mishuro cried.

The two looked towards Mishuro and the girls eyes widened from shock and you could tell the other boy was shocked too.

"Impossible!" The girl said shocked.

The boy's shocked expression turned to a serious one. Suddenly his eyes grew darker than Mishuro's and the girls. He waved his hand and a wave of darkness over came Mishuro. He passed out but before he did he heard a sound like rocks opening and closing, like in the movies when secret caverns opened and closed.

Mishuro awoke to the sound of Mina's voice. "Mish, Mishy." She shook him.

"Wah- what happened?" Mishuro sat up.

"Oh thank goodness!" Mina cried happily hugging Mishuro in a death hug which he clearly was happy about going wide eyed from being squeezed.

He pushed Mina off and she helped him up.

"What happened?" He asked again.

"I don't know, I saw you run off and by the time I caught up to you, you were unconscious on the ground."

Mishuro looked around and saw no sign of the girl or boy. He sighed for his only chance of something interesting to happen was now gone. "You know what Mina."


"Life is ever so dull."

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