so if you come to me and I am shaking
barely alive and still breathing. then
I survived her love. just barely held
any footing, but standing. then just
let me be. I have been broken, told
I am not loved anymore, once again.
because, once again, I fell for it
one of those people that told me
"I love you. I really do."

and if you catch me falling,
let me go. I have been broken, told
to get out and never come back.
no matter what battle stance I took
it was taken out from under me.
I am told "I love you coral
I really do. but don't ever come back."

I am still being torn up by my journey
from her porch. since then standing has
not been the same. and another is
starting to take make her memory fade.
and if you catch me back in town
let me go. I am on my way out anyhow.