Zanatos pressed a hand to Sakaya's neck. It wasn't easy, because his fingers were shaking so hard.

Her heart had stopped beating.

She was gone.


Zanatos threw his head to the sky and sobbed viciously. The tears streaming down his face played second fiddle to the agony in his heart.




Svese ran over to him, crying bitterly as well.

They watched as an orb rose from Sakaya's heart, hovering into the air above her body.

Her soul. Going up to heaven.

Svese looked at it in astonishment.

"Sakaya...?" she breathed.

"Sakaya's dead," Zanatos snapped.

Svese quickly straightened up.

"No, you idiot! We can still save her! Follow me!"

Svese rushed out of the room, motioning for Zanatos to follow.

Zanatos stared after her. Was she nuts? Sakaya was dead! There was no way to save a dead Nokki!

Svese was in denial. That had to be it.

Nevertheless, Zanatos slung Sakaya over his shoulder and raced after Svese.

"You're crazy, Svese," he panted when he caught up with her.

"Listen, you dope," Svese growled. "This -" she pointed at Sakaya's soul, following us like it was attached by a string - "is only half of Sakaya's soul!"

"Half her soul? What?"

"Oh, come on!" Svese turned back around and threw her hands up. "Surely Sakaya told you that people with half a soul left can still be saved!"

"There's a way?" Zanatos' mind was taking its sweet time to sift through memories of talking with Sakaya.

It hit him suddenly. The unmentionable taboo... the most drastic of measures, used only to save a dying Nokki...

"You don't mean..." he gasped.

"Yes, Zanatos," Svese said, her voice cold. "In order to save Sakaya, we have to do the unthinkable."

"We have to create an Embodiment."

The End

*Author's Note: Don't worry, it doesn't completely end here! There IS a sequel coming out!" *End Author's Note