It was a cloudy day in the kingdom of Terimus, a parrallel dimension, the portal to which was located somewhere in Europe. A young wolf girl made her way to the castle gates, her fur drenched in orange paint, wearing a golden breast-plate, and a blood-stained helmet on her head that belonged to a fallen soldier.

"I am Domithus, the greatest Teremusian soldier of them all," said the disguised wolf girl, attempting to sound like a man. "May I have permission to enter the castle?" she asked.

"NO!" replied the guards. "Nice ruse, but Domithus is currently rotting in our dungeon, for treason. Whoever you are, you certainly are not Domithus" said the guard.

"I'm his son, I was given the same name. I should like to visit my father" explained the disguised wolf.

"Well, if you insist, but just know that if you try to help him escape, you will be imprisoned yourself. Is that clear?" asked the guard.

"Yes, as clear as a puddle" said the wolf girl. Suddenly, it began raining. Raindrops began falling on the fur of the wolf girl, causing the orange paint to come off.

"Clear, eh? The thing that seems to be clear here is that you're not even one of us. We'll have to take you to the dungeon" said the guards. The guards grabbed the wolf girl, confiscated her soldier garb, dragged her into the castle, and tossed her in the dungeon, in a rather unusually large cell, alongside another cell, which housed Domithus, the fox soldier who switched sides with the wolves.

"Domithus!" cried out the wolf girl. "I've heard all about you. You're a great hero to my people" she said.

"Hero to your people. Traitor in the eyes of some of my people, as well as in the eyes of the true traitor, the dastardly Dark Emperor who took over my kingdom. He wants to imprison all you wolves and make you into slaves, despite the fact many of my people don't support his goals. If he's gonna imprison me, he may as well imprison all his people. And why did the guards have the audacity to leave such delicious fresh french bread?" said Domithus.

"Would you like to try some delicious Italian bread from my cell?" asked Domithus.

"Yes, thank you!" said Pronithess. They exchanged breadsticks between cells.

"It's nice to meet you. What's your name?" asked Domithus.

"I'm Pronithess, named after the former queen of your kingdom, that is, until it was taken over by the Dark Emperor Kallent. I was an orphan, so I named myself after her, because I held great admiration for her as a ruler" explained Pronithess. Domithus began laughing.

"So, we're Domithus and Pronithess then. Are you aware I was named after the original king of my ancient land?" asked Domithus.

"No, that's impossible, this is far too romantic to be true. What are the odds? What if we were to break free, overcome this evil empire, and be married? Imagine, it would be like the return of your rulers that were killed!" said Pronithess.

"I still have my bugil horn. I was told it's enchanted, but it's never worked for me" said Domithus.

"What is it supposed to do?" asked Pronithess.

"Summon a bunch of dwarves that wield swords, saws, and hammers. If they really did come, and if this bugil reallly did work, we'd be able to escape with ease" explained Domithus.

"Interesting, try playing it!" suggested Pronithess. Domithus began playing the instrument, and both the wolf girl and the fox boy could hear tiny footsteps coming their way.

To be continued.....

Note: Characters are anthros.