A Song for My Beloved


O, how I long to see you, and yearn for your touch.

It was in a midsummer's stormy dream that we first crossed paths.

Our eyes met, and at once I knew

That you and I were one.


O, how I miss your earthy scent, your gentle caress.

It was in winter's steely embrace that we held each other close.

You gave to me of your warmth,

And I realized it was my own.


O, how I long to kiss you, to taste your sweet lips.

It was in the springtime of our youth that we promised to be forever faithful;

To ourselves, to each other, to everything that is,

For we are all the same.


O, how I wish to hear your voice, for your dulcet tones to envelop.

It was in autumn's endless waltz that we learned of grace, and failure.

You looked to me for comfort, and I sought you for strength,

And in ourselves we found both.


But now our midsummer's dream is fading,

Though the winter is colder than ever,

And the springtime of our adulthood grows ever older,

As we're swept along by autumn's ceaseless winds of change.


My dearest, my beloved Yufi –

You gave to me all that I knew in my heart,

But did not know in waking:

I am forever my own.