On Devotion


Then she, who lived within his dreams, stepped forth and said, Speak to us of Devotion.

And he said:

You give your devotion to that which gives you comfort.

But do not let your loyalty become fanatical, or your reverence turn to worship;

For those who rely on their comforts forget their own strength.

And those who give all to one keep nothing for themselves,

And so forget their own form.

Must needs you have dedication for another, make sure you have dedication still for yourself.

For he who loves any must first love himself,

As he who peers into the waters must first see past his own reflection.

When you give of your devotion, give with everything you are, but do not give your everything.

Let your fidelity be wholehearted, but keep your heart as your own.

And let your loyalty be true, but do not allow your bonds to chain you.

True devotion is granted by a soul undivided, and a heart most sure.

As each piece of your will honors its resolution, so too does each division of your passion honor its freedom.