The next morning, banging and clattering pulled Joss from his sleep. He threw open the curtains around his bed, and saw Hannibal stood in the door way, watching something in the hallway. Joss clambered out of his bed and pushed Hannibal out of the way so that he could see into the hall way. Stood in the hallway was Lord William, several servants pulling a bench along the hallway in the direction he was pointing. Joss pushed through the door and stood in the hallway, hands on his hips, and demanded, "What is going on out here?"

"You know, your majesty, the interior decorating in here is dreadful," said Lord William, "and as your adviser I'm advising you never to decide on a colour scheme yourself, after the terrible job your father did."

Upon seeing the young prince, now the king, the servants all dropped whatever they were holding and bowed. "Your majesty, if I may be so bold, you may want to put some clothes on." said Lord William. A little confusion spread across Joss' face, then horror as he realised he was in nothing but his underwear. He hurried back into his room and pulled on a dressing gown. When he came back out of his room, Lord william and the servants had moved down the hall, the servants still carrying the bench. "Over there, to the left. My left you idiots. Not that far!" he was shouting at them.

Joss came up behing Lord William and asked, "Just what are you doing here? Surey you can advise me from your lands in the east." he asked.

"Oh, sure, I can. But how would I keep you out of trouble? Why do you think your father wanted me to be your adviser? You can't leave a teenager unsupervised in a palace." replied Lord William. "So I am going to stay here for the time being. Until I know you won't burn this place down." A look of indignation and offence was visible on Joss' face. "Lord William, I am no child, I do not need you to babysit me. So you may as well return home." said Joss.

"I think not. After what I saw last night, I am not leaving you here without responsible adult supervision, so I suggest you get used to it."

With that, Lord William walked away down the hall, leaving Joss stood in the hallway staring after him, Hannibal stood behind him. "I, am going, to kill Jericho." snarled Joss, stamping along the hall. Hannibal followed him along the hall in silence, stopping outside the room the Joss stormed into. "Wel, Jericho, take a look at what you've done now." snapped Joss. Jercho sat up in his bed, hair ruffed and bleary eyed. "Huh? What? I didn't do nothin'." he mumbled, and lay back down to sleep. Joss shook him by the shoulder, forcing him to sit back up. "Because of your antics last night, ord William has decided I need adult supervision, and is moving in." he snapped.

"Well, why's that so bad? He ain't that bad, and it's not like he's gonna kill you or anything." moaned Jericho.

"I don't know what his intentions are, or whether or not I can trust him. So yes, it is that bad."

In the hallway, some commotion started before somebody pushed past Hannibal. She barely got into the room before he pulled her back out. "Weren't that that bird from last night? The one nobody likes much?" asked Jericho.

"Miss Elizabeth, I recall. Hannibal, shut the door."

"Let me in or it's on your life." a shrill voice rung from outside, making Joss and Jericho both jump. Caught off guard, Hannibal was pushed out of the way, and Eizabeth stood in the room. "Now, if you don't mind I have very important information for you."