Do you know me?


Bu to be fair I don't know you.

Lucky you.

You don't know me.

But I guess you want to know.

So I'll tell you who I am.

I am Masebie Turay, call me Sebie- pronounced Se-be not Ce-be. I guess you might want to know more. I'm fifteen, my birthday is in July. I enjoy writing (stories, poetry, & songs), drawing, painting, singing and other stuff that isn't important. I love music. Music is my life as well as writing. It's what keeps me…Sebie. I read books a lot, a favourite pass time since I was little.


I do not have many,

Because I believe I am weak.

My mom says my greatest strength is writing.

She says that my word flow is so natural and amazing.

But she also said I don't have enough life experience or vocabulary.

She's right.

She's always right.

Even when she's wrong, she is right.

I think my best strength is my………………….. I don't really have a best strength or many. But I do know if I'm doing something I love- I'll put my whole mind, heart, and soul into it. I try my best to make things the way I see them in my mine.

I had a dream once

It was filled with sunshine and lollipops

It was a nightmare in disguise

I was lost in this world of brightness

I was so scared

It was what I once dreamed of when I was six

Know what once was heaven

Haunts my nightmares

I dream of doing something… Anything to make the world a better place. I doubt I could. I dream I may be famous and rich. I dream that one day something I do will change someone's life…for the better. I dream….I dream of a lot of things and none of them will come true, but maybe it's best this way.

I dream of a place far away

I dream of a place made just for me

I dream of a place where I can find my peace

My love

My hope

My integrity

But alas it is but a dream

So I'll stay here

Dreaming of that place

Far away over the horizon