Tell Me…


Tell me that it's not just me;
Please tell me it's not you,
Who's gradually forgetting me
When all I can think about is you.

Tell me that you love me still;
As you said you'd always do.
And tell me that I'm being foolish
For ever thinking your words untrue.

Tell me that you miss me;
I really need to hear it said.
So I have a sweet thought in my mind
Each night, as I lay myself down for bed.

Tell me that we're strong enough
To make it through this coming year,
That for all my incessant worrying,
I've truly nothing to fear.

Tell me that we'll be all right
And tell me we'll make it through.
Because in the end, I need to know,
If I'll still be with you.

Or if it's best to just walk away now.


L. Sherman