Chapter 1

The Meeting.

I woke up dripping wet and looked at the clock. It was 1:00 in the morning. It's been three days since I've seen him, yet I still can't have one freak'n night of sleep. I groaned as I got up then went to take a shower. When I looked in the mirror and I saw my ever pale skin, turquoise eyes, and a tall thin body. I brushed my teeth and long blond naturally highlighted and wavy hair.

Then I went down stairs to start breakfast. I had to push my cat, Baby, off of the counter. I have done this every morning, since my mom died two months ago. Because of that, dad had decided we were going to move. Personally I think he was trying to run away from all the memories not so much his excuse, get a fresh start.

"Hey, Lizzy. I heard you up early this morning. Bad dream?" my dad asked sounding only partly interested.

I got eggs out of the fridge and turned on the stove as I answered.

"Yeah, something like that." Dad didn't really ask for details, but most of the time he knew when something was up, and had to know about it.

The eggs sizzled on the stove as they started to cook.

"How do you like your new school?" He asks this every day like hoping my opinion hadn't changed about school but had changed about the town.

I went to the freezer to get out the bacon, and started cooking it.

"Schools fun, but the town," I said, my voice telling him exactly what I meant. "How do you think?"

"Elizabeth I know this moving thing is hard on you it's hard on me too…" he started to say but I cut him off.

"Then why did you make us move, again?" I was talking rudely and sarcastically now.

"I thought it would be better for both of us if we got a fresh start."

"Yeah, because that makes life a lot easier." I mumbled rolling my eyes.

"Elizabeth Madison!" dad said in a stern voice.

After a minute of no sound but our breaths, dad was calm but thoughtful mine slowing slightly as I clamed, "Sorry." I whispered.

"That's okay. Hey, I heard there's a new boy at school. Is he anything you would be interested in?" he said changing the subject.

This is the one subject I really wanted to stay away from, "Um, yeah. He's cute, I guess." Not completely answering his question. He would get suspicious if I said flat out, No! "He's only been there a little while, I don't really know him. That well." I said hoping he will take the bait and change the subject. Which he didn't! Of course!

"Oh, well, you could invite him to dinner." He said as a smugged grin stretched across his face.

"I don't know. Well, I got to get ready for school. Love ya." I said walking up the stairs to my bedroom. When I got to my room, I picked out a baby blue T-shirt that said "What more could you ask for", and a pair of worn out, low-cut, pale blue jeans.

I slipped on my flip-flops as I walked out the door. I got in the old pickup truck that my mom and dad bought me when I had turned fifteen. My mom had been so excited when they brought it home. Even more then I was, if that was possible.

Remembering all that, as I pulled into the school parking lot, trying not to scream from the memory, "I can't even drive my truck!" I mumbled as my friend Emilie Brotherton came up and said, "What's up Liz?" sounding only partially interested. Emilie had black hair and tan skin.

"Oh, nothing." I said laughing a little.

I had never been a good liar, but I think she believed me because she just said "Okay, you ready to go to class. Maybe the new kid is back," she said teasingly, "What's his name Ray, Ranle…" she asked searching for the right name.

"Randal, his name is Randle Harrison," I said just a bit too fast and harsh. "Sorry."

"That's okay he's really hot. With his pale skin, brown hair, and pale green eyes, even when they change color it just makes them even better! How tall is he anyway he looks about 5-11, don't you think?" she said all dreamy like. Then her expression became more serious as soon as she saw me glaring at her. "Gosh, chill chick. Okay, you're right. I should definitely not be hitting on his type unless it's in the literal sense."

She had that right. Our types seemed to avoid one another unless we were starting a conflict. Plus, he's nothing but some scared, little, vampire boy. My proof is he just disappears for three days straight right after I showed up and joined, well, more like started the pack. Seriously, why was he scared of us? Our numbers are about even. They will be when Brandon and Mike join the club. About that, 'Where was Mike? We need to keep an eye on him.'

"He's over there. I've been keeping an eye on him." Emilie said sounding very proud of her self.

Then I saw him talking to Tammy Wilkins. The prep of the century was mostly ignoring him. But he was persistent and never gave up. He had his naturally brown hair in a blue spiky position. His brown eyes and pale face lit up whenever Tammy looked up. He was about 6 foot.

When Emilie looked forward, she sounded surprised and excited when she said, "Look who decided to show up, again!"

I was scared to look up. Afraid I knew exactly who it was. So I just looked through my eyelashes and I was right. I saw him walking with his two sisters walking arm and arm behind him. They looked great together all pale with paler green eyes then before, they must have gone hunting before he came back. The brunette girl, Jassiman, with wavy, long hair, about 5-3, had a beautiful smile as she hung tightly the arm of the blond girl, Elaine, who had short hair with blue highlights, about 5-1 she also looked very happy as she walked with her free hand swaying back and forth.

"Hey, you want to go talk to them?" Emilie was asking me sounding excited still.

"About?" I asked suspiciously.

"I don't know," she paused as if it wasn't obvious that we had nothing to talk to them about "we could ask where he went"

"Ok, have fun I'm not even going to try." I answered absolutely not about to change my mind.

When she saw that from the look on my pail white face, she said "Fine, but you are so a party pooper."

We both laughed and headed to class. I tried not to think of what was going to happen in three hours, I would have to spend a whole hour with him. I was partly excited, but mostly worried. This is the day I had been dreading, but waiting hopefully for since he left. Weird right? I mean shouldn't I hate this guy, but just because of what he is. Is that right though, cause I thought it might be racist or in this case vampist?

The rest of the day went by as a blur. But when the time came, I wished I had paid more attention.

I was sitting in Algebra 1 when he opened the door and walked in. He was so beautiful I couldn't remember clearly why I was mad at him. "Hi," he said smiling. Could he tell that I couldn't breathe? He smelt so good! "I'm Randle, your Elizabeth Madison, right?" he asked like everybody else in this school didn't already know.

"Lizzy." I answered.

"Okay, Lizzy." he repeated.

"Were you out on a hunting trip with your family?" I asked as my glare that most people cowered at seemed to go wright through him.

"Yaeh, hunting bears." He answered, hesitating a little as I thought he would.

"Nice," I said, maybe just maybe, a little too harsh. "Why were your sisters still here?" I asked sarcastically.

"Yeah," He stuttered like he was trying to figure out how much to tell me, "they don't like to hunt bear they prefer deer."

"Why?"I said still a hint of sarcasm in my voice, "Are they scared?"

"No, they just don't like it." he answered. "Um, so have you lived here your whole life?"

Then all of the sudden, I felt a cold chill go down my back which is not normal for me. "No, I haven't." I answered

"When did you move here? Where from? Why?" These are the questions I never told anybody, especially why! But for some reason, I felt the urge to tell him.

"I moved from Huston, Texas to McIntosh, Florida right before you did." I said considering if I should tell him why.

"How long ago?" He asked.

"A little more than two months ago." I answered without thinking, and then I closed my mouth before I said too much. This was so weird I didn't mean to say that at all.

"Why did you move here?" he sounded honestly curious.

So once again, I opened my mouth. But this time, it was willingly. "I haven't exactly told anyone this," I said hoping he would take the hint and keep the secret. He pretended to lock his lips, and I couldn't help but smile. "My mom died three months ago." I answered trying to add a little laugh to the end.

"Oh, um sorry about that." he said.

Does he actually have to think about it? I thought sarcastically.