Chapter 8

Destiny and Clarissa's Story.

You could just guess that they were shaking scared. I laughed at the thought of vampires shaking in fear.

Randle squeezed my hand then said to the boy "I guess we need to catch up."

What did he mean catch up; did he know these guys?

"Yes, we do need to catch up."

"Starting with Destiny, What happened start at the very beginning, please." Randle said quietly.

To my left all the rest of the Harrisons gasped and turned to gape at Destiny. Did everyone else know who she was? Then I turned to my right and realized I wasn't the only one confused all of the wolves were too.

"Ok," Destiny started, hesitating a little, "It was 1950, sixty years ago, when we were younger Clarissa and I lived in a house where if you were different you were killed. One night our big brother darted in to the bedroom we all shared. He told me franticly that mom and dad had found out that we were different. He told me to take Clare and run as fast as I could through the forest and not to stop for anything." The look on Destiny's face made her look a long way away. "We ran through the pitch black forest. The only light was torches shining from behind us and the only sound was shouts every now and then from behind us. There were no animals, not so much as one squirrel or even a bird for Clare to talk to and ask were to go. The shouts were growing louder. Franticly, I grabbed Clare's hand and ran faster. We ran until there were no more voices or lights then kept walking until I was about to collapse and Clare was asleep on my back."

Wait a minute; I thought as she paused to let it sink in, did she say Clarissa could talk to animals great she can talk to both halves of me. Then she went on with a deep breath.

"When we were stopped and I got Clare lying on the ground I was about to sit down when there was a flash of light and I looked back were Clare was now standing. The light was gone just as sudden as it had come. When I looked back there was a girl standing there. I was tempted to run but something about her eyes made me stay in place. She started to walk then stopped when she was about two or three feet away. She stared at me for a while, leaped up, and transformed into a cheetah. Franticly I shoved Clare to the ground and jumped protectively over her and closed my eyes. All I heard was a gnashing of teeth and the high pitch screech of the girl. Then it was silent like she had killed herself. When I looked up I saw Dave but at the time all I saw was a handsome guy with sort reddish hair and black mysterious eyes."

Even Clarissa rolled her eyes at that.

"'Come on, hurry' is all he said.' I grabbed Clare's arm and flung her across my back and started to run in the direction he was pointing. He caught up and matched my pace with ease. We ran for a while till Clare started to slip I stopped for one minute to put her back on my back but she was gone. I looked around relieved to find out that the guy had taken her off my back and was carrying her on his back.

"'Come On' he with a worried tone. Then I started to run even faster till we got to a little meadow in the middle of the forest, and then we stopped. 'Go inside I'll be in, in a minute.'

"I'm so, so sorry" she said walking forward, "I wanted to find you and tell you but I just couldn't. It's complicated." She said looking down at the ground. She was right in front of Randle now and guess what that idiot of a girl did next? That's right she kissed him right on the lips! Next thing anyone new she was flying across the field. She hit the big oak tree and almost snapped it in half when her back wrapped around it. Clarisse ran toward me and I smacked her back a couple feet.

"What are you?" Clarisse gasped.

"Me? I'm just the stupid mutt standing right in your way. Now stay away from my boyfriend!" I shot at Des, with my lips turning up in to an ear wrenching snarl. Holy cow! I love being me; well the new not scared of anything me!

"He was mine first!" Destiny spat out in anger.

"Well, that was a long time ago. Times have changed, and I'm with Liz now." Randle stepped putting his arm around my waist. I felt so small compared to him. I was only a little shorter, but then again anyone being taller than a werewolf was not very common.

"I'm pretty sure you'll change your mind when we're all done here." She said with that evil glimmer in her eyes, "By then you will have no body to run to."

A low but loud hiss came from everyone on my side of the field. When I looked around of course I wasn't the only one in a pouncing position, everyone was. Emilie and Amanda of course were in wolf form, crouching and growling while very menacing looking saliva ran down their teeth and spit out with every growl.

"But," Des started, "we have someone else to get out of the picture first don't we, Liz."

"If you get so much as an inch away from my dad I will personally kill you!" I growled between my teeth.

"Oh, personally really what an honor I'll be sure to try to make the fight half way fare!" As she said this to things happened she ran toward my house at full speed and I chased after her. I jumped at her but she turned and slammed me into a tree while she was holding me there Emilie smashed her into a wall of rocks not too far away. As soon as I was free I jumped and was a vampire/wolf thingy before I hit the ground.

Amanda was there in an instant and together we took her down. When we turned around to head back, I was surprised to find that Clarisse running straight toward me. Luckily, I had faster instincts now. I karate kicked her in the gut but that was no help. It only stopped her for a minute, but remember this girl just saw me kill her sister. So she's one pissed-off chick.

"You!" She shrieked so loudly that the trees shook. Next thing I knew I couldn't have one thought of my own. Whose head am I in and how do I get out! Then I realized that all I could think was how much I should die. She had trapped me in her mind and I was stuck I felt a sharp pain somewhere, I couldn't even tell where. I yelled in pain and collapsed on the ground. I couldn't see anything but Clare's thoughts passing one by one through my mind. I screamed in frustration as I fought to get my mind back. I felt another jolt of pain and yelled and curled up into a ball to try to protect myself.

I heard a mental laughing, then a shriek what in the world was going on I tried to open my eyes but couldn't tell if I succeeded because either way I couldn't see or hear anything but thoughts going through her head so I tried to concentrate on them.

The first memory was: A girl sitting at a window seal staring out the window her chin sitting on the palm of her hand. When I looked closer I saw what was outside; first I just saw a paster with dark woods behind it, about one or two stories below where the girl was sitting. Then I saw them Destiny and Clarissa running after each other on horseback.

Then there was a completely different scene, it went from beautiful little girls on horseback with the sun shining to flashes of red and sudden blackouts every two or three minutes. Then I, well she, was in a hospital bed with stitches in her head.

Then I saw someone with a very familiar face. It took me a minute to realize just why it looked so familiar, it was Randle. His hair was different and truthfully I hated it. It must have been in the 1600s because his hair was wacko. 'Hey your sister is worried sick. How are you?' he said quietly. She laughed a little 'How do you think?' she asked. 'That good, huh?'

Another flash then another memory; this time I, she, was peeking around the corner to the house, and I saw Destiny and Randle whispering to each other. Then Randle leaned in and kissed her not just a peck but actually passionately. It like physically hurt to see that I squeezed my eyes shut even tighter, but of course that didn't change a thing.

Then another pain this time I knew that it was coming from her body in other words someone was hurting her. Knowing that it didn't hurt quit as bad. I felt my mind being ripped away from hers. It felt weird but at least it didn't hurt.

As soon as I got my senses back I jumped up on red alert to find out that she was already dead. My body collapsed of weariness and relief that it was over. Well for now at least Dave was still out there somewhere; I wasn't going to think about that. In the meantime I had to use all my strength just to stay up right Randle tried to pick me up but I pushed his arms away. I could do this without a boy's help; girls aren't completely helpless.

I heard either Brandon or Mike snicker when I pushed his arm away; I was too tired to tell which one it was. I grabbed Randle's hand and walked back to the truck with him on my right side and Amanda and Emilie on my left side, of course.