Never Stopped Loving You

Bzzt. Allison's phone vibrated in her pocket. She checked it expecting it to be a text message from one her friends she has been talking to. "Hey, heard you were back. It's been a while." She was a little wrong, it was text message from a friend but one she hasn't talked to in such a while.

"Hey Dave! Yeah it has, how you been? Sorry I have not texted you lately" She texted him back.

Bzzt. "Nah it's alright, I've been busy too."

Truth is Allison never forgot about him, she just really didn't want to text him. Dave was her ex-boyfriend and they had broken up a while back, because of distance. They agreed to remain friends and talked to each other almost every week when they had chance, but it changed when the news came that he got a new girlfriend. She felt awkward talking to him knowing that he has a new love meanwhile her feelings for him never changed. It has been months, almost a year now, since they're break up but memories from when they were together kept replaying in her head.

"Hey do you still like hanging out in the city like you used too?" She texted him.

"Yeah why?"

"I was wondering if you want to hang out with me?"

"Sounds cool. When?"



~Next Day~

Allison walked to their meeting place and he was already their waiting for her. "Hey, nice to see you again," They both hugged. "Nice to see you too." They spent the day hanging out with each other until late dark.

"Wow you know I forgot how this city was like." Allison told him as they looked for a subway.

"Yeah, see I told you it look better at night."

"I know but remember? I could not go anywhere with you at night. Actually I could not go anywhere with you at all." She said remembering that her parent did not allow her to have a boyfriend, yet she still had one anyway.


"So how are you and your girlfriend?" She asked him.

"We are doing good." He said a smile crept up his face. Allison felt a pang of jealousy. She wished she could make him happy now, more than just a friend.

"Oh that sounds awesome." She forced a smile for him. "Oh my gosh, it so late."

David laugh, he knew how much she hated going home alone in the dark. "My apartment is near here if you want to stay for the night. Don't worry I won't do anything to you."

"Oh so you did get a place of you own. Do you live with her?"

"No, I share the apartment with me cousin, but he is out for the weekend."

"Oh okay, I guess I will stay."

They finally reached David's apartment and Allison felt even more awkward. "Hey you alright?" he asked.

"Yea I am fine. Just not really use to going in a man's apartment." She laughed.

"Make yourself comfortable." He told her before disappearing into what appears to be his room. Allison sat on the couch and turned the television on. She sat and looked around the room at the same time. The place was messy but neat at the same time, at least to her anyway. He came out the room and sat next to her.

"So do you ever bring her here?"


"Does she make you happy?"

"Yea, yeah she does."

"That's cool." They were both silent and if it wasn't for the TV it would have been an awkward one too. "Hey Dave, I had fun with you today."

"Yea, same here."

"Um do you have water?" Allison asked in order to avoid silence again.

"Oh yeah follow me." He got up and she followed behind him. He led her to the kitchen. "So how long are you here for?" He asked on the way.

"For the rest of the summer." She said and took the glass of water he handed to her. He leaned on the counter while her eyes traveled around the room. "I am sorry, this is so awkward for me." She said after putting the glass down

"What is?"

"This. Being in the same room with you."

"Oh I'm sorry, I'll be in the living room."

"No I didn't mean that. I mean it is awkward for me to be with you, alone."

He stood there silently. Allison reached for him, reached to hold his hand. "Dave, I never stopped loving you." She stood closer to him. "I love you"

She looked at his eyes, wishing, hoping that he would say those words back. She hoped that he would take her and kiss her. But he didn't. He didn't say those words, he didn't do anything.

"I am sorry," She whispered. "But please say something."

"Allie," He held her face on his hand. "I am sorry Allie, but i can't. I love her."

Allison pushed his hands away, pushed herself away from him. "I am sorry I shouldn't have done this. Shouldn't have said anything. I am sorry." She ran out of the room and out of the building.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid," she thought to herself. "Stupid," she called herself but she continued talking, never looking back. She held back her tears as she made her way back home, alone.

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