"The first thing I would like to point out about myself is that music is my life! I'm Melody Mardell, I'm 17, and I love music. Which you probably got from the first sentence I said." I blushed as the last of my bravery slowly faded into a cloud of thin air. The whole class including the teacher was staring at me with interested looks. I let my long blue hair fall into its original spot in my face.

"We are glad to have you with us this year," Professor Ellen stated jadedly. "What instruments do you play?"

"Electric guitar mostly, but I can play bass and the drums a little." I whispered so low I was surprised she even heard me at all.

Her expression grew interested, "Do you play acoustic?" he eyed me warily.

"Yes." I looked around and everyone was gaping at me now.

"Wow, you play four instruments?" she asked looking amazed now, like he was looking at a super star.

"Yeah, why?" I asked slowly.

"I'm lucky to get one drum player a year; most of them are just want-to-be's." she seem to have forgotten that all the students were right there. They were too busy STARING AT ME! This is my new school, well; at least it was a School of the Musical Arts.

"You can sit down now." Professor Ellen said. I rushed to my seat and sat down with a sigh. Then, for the first time, I looked at the faces of the other students. Some were still staring at me, others had turned back toward the teacher who was pulling out interments from the closet and handing them out. One of the girls that caught my eyes, I wasn't sure if it was because of her bright orange hair or just because instead of impressed she looked curious as she stared at me. I turned around quickly, let my hair cover my face again.

I hadn't given her my guitar yet so I just got it out and tuned my black Squire Stratocaster, Fender. I was really proud of my guitar I had bought it when I was almost fifteen, I paid with babysitting money.

A/N: Yes, I actually have a black Squire Stratocaster, Fender. It has a white pick guard, and I did buy it with babysitting money.

After a while of playing random notes, mostly 'G', Professor Ellen started passing out music. She handed out a skillet song book, one of which I already had and memorized all of the songs. But never the less I was going to love this class and I knew it. That day we worked on 'Comatose' which is my favorite song by Skillet.

When I got home I ran up the stairs of our new three story house. I had to look around for awhile, but I eventually found my room with a little help from Jenifer, one of my two sisters. I also had four brothers, a nephew, and a daughter. Jenifer is the second oldest, she's nineteen.

Out of all seven kids, my brother Jason and I were the most alike. We were the only kids who loved music, we both had a kid, and we both loved to be as far away from my mom as possible. Though the last one was mainly me. Jason is twenty-two.

Fifteen year old Garrett, ten year old Jacob, eight year old Justin, and six year old Emma are all obsessed with video games. I don't see the point in those games. The only games I play are TMNT and Pokémon. The reason I like TMNT is because the main characters are walking talking turtles, I mean how awesome is that!! I like Pokémon because it has some amazing Pokémon, I love mightyanne!!

Anyway when I got into my room I through my bag on my bed and put my guitar in my closet. I sprawled across my bed, pushing my bag off. It hit the flour with a loud thud.

"Melly!" I heard James, Jason's son call as him and my daughter Harmony walked into the room. The little kids weren't old enough to say Melody so they call me Melly.

"Hey guys what are you doing silly?" I smiled. Two year old Harmony smiled up at me and reached up, I picked her up and sat her on my lab. In the mean time four year old James walked right passed me straight to my stuffed animals and started playing with my old Winnie the Pooh bear.

Harmony rapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself closer to me, then smiled content with her positioning.

"My girly." I smiled happily.