The Cursed Blacksmith

Chapter 1

"New Arrival"

What is it that makes people human, is it the beat of their heart, or the feel of their flesh? Is it the emotions inside of us, or the darkness that surrounds us that makes up fear that which can not be seen. The story you are about to read is not about what scares us in times of darkness, or what makes someone human, no. This is the story of a man turned monster, the powers he gained, and the gift that is a curse.

It was a peaceful day in the small village of Solia, the farmers were picking crops and the builders were creating new houses for the village citizens. Inside the local tavern were the royal guards of the castle located right outside of the village boundaries, they were all celebrating the arrival of a new knight, but this one was different, it surprised all of the other guards at first, but the new comer was in fact female. The first female to ever enlist in the royal guard.

Akia definitely attracted all the men with her curvy figure, even her armor took the form of her curves, all of them. Her red hair blue in the wind and her red eyes sparkled in the light. She was a beauty, and no doubt she would attract the men of the village. They were all sitting at tables, except for Akia and the leader Borso, they were sitting at the counter. He bought everyone drinks, except for himself, he bought six for himself.

"So little missy, how do you like it here so far, is it to your liking?"

She took a sip of her drink before answering.

"It's great here, so many wonderful people, all of the men seem to really like me, and the women all want to know how I got where I am."

Borso chuckled when she mentioned the men being nice to her.

"There are reasons for that." he said to himself.

She looked back over to him with a raised brow.

"What was that?"

He almost spit out his drink when he heard her ask him what he had said.

"Nothing, just asking you if you have heard the legend of the cursed blacksmith."

Legend of a cursed blacksmith? She hadn't heard of that one yet.

"Legend says that years ago a man by the name of Darren worked at a blacksmith in a neighboring village, they say his sword were nothing any other blacksmith could match, clean cut and sharpened to perfection. One night he was on his way to deliver the kind his freshly made sword when he was attacked by a demon, but not just any demon, the demon king Briak. Darren fought bravely, but in the end the beast won, and it left him with a permanent reminder, three claw marks that stretched from his forehead to below his eye."

She listened to him as she took another sip of her drink.

"So he is cursed because he has three claw marks on his face?"

She didn't expect them all to laugh, but they did.

"No little missy, in scriptures it says that a demons mark can have one of two effects, either the person dies from the toxin, or it bestows on them immortality and powers beyond anything anyone has ever seen. Luckily he survived, it is said that he hides in the shadows in the old broken town blacksmith shop in the middle of town."

That seemed a little freaky to her, but it was all just a legend right? Her hand was shaking as she reached to grab her mug.

"Did the story creep you out a little, are you afraid that he might come for you?" she said, laughing along with his men.

She let out a nervous laugh as she brought the cup to her mouth. As they continued to converse the door to the tavern slammed open, a man in a black leather jacket, a black shirt under that, blue leather pants, black boots, and a brown leather hat walking into the tavern. They all disregarded him until someone patted a fellow soldier on the shoulder.

"See that mark, it looks exactly like the mark described in the story." he said.

Akia froze up as she heard the others talking, the words cursed and blacksmith were being thrown around the room at he approached the counter.

He took off his hat and sat it down on the counter.

"Dragons blaze, and make it hot." he said, looking to his right.

Akia didn't want to look back, but she was to curious, she lifted her head and gazed into the liquid blue eyes that were looking at her, his left eye looked fine. She noticed three claw marks on the left side of his face, just like from the legend.