Chapter 2

"Legend Vs. Thugs"

So what if a guy entered the bar with three scars that ran down the left side of his face, it could be anyone. They watched as he chugged down the hard liquor, Dragon Fire was one of the most intoxicated alcoholic drinks around the village, nobody would dare chug down a big mug of it. They shuttered as he brought the mug down onto the counter with a bang.

"Ahhhhhh that's good stuff!" he said, licking his lips.

He dug into his jacket and pulled out a sack of coins, laying it on the counter.

"Hit everyone up here will ya, the drinks are on me!"

They didn't care who he was now, they had their alcohol. The tenants all brought all the men big mugs of Dragon Fire, all of them eager to start drinking. Akia denied her, she never liked to get drunk, especially around men. She went back to drinking her milk tanga when she noticed the man was staring, not at her face, but at the royal crest on the armored shoulder.

The men all cheered as they drank away at the alcohol. Akia could not stop staring at the man though, he looked pretty young, around nineteen, the same as her. As much as he drank the man never got drunk, he must have had a strong liver if he drank six whole mugs of Dragon Fire without passing out, or dying. Everyone was having a good time until the doors of the tavern flung open again.

"Well, well, well, looks like we have a couple of royal guards with us today."

A tall man in a torn up leather shirt, half leather pants and scuffed up boots walked into the room. His face looked like it belongs on a gorilla. Five others followed him in, knocking all the mugs off the tables. They snickered as they heard the guards grumbling and grunting at them.

"The name is Stetch, we don't mean to cause any harm to anyone, we just want a drink."

Borso remembered that name all to well, the name of the man that had ransacked a neighboring village a couple weeks back. They had been searching for him, they never thought it would be this easy. Akia reached for her dagger, but she felt a hand grab her wrist. She looked down and saw it was the stranger that had bought them the drinks. Was she really going to trust this mystery man?

Stetch proceeded to the counter where he saw a man with his head face down on the counter.

"Mind sharing some of that with us sonny?" he asked.

He held it in his hand has he listened to Stetch speak to him.

"Do you want to do this the hard way?" he asked, pulling up his shirt to reveal a sharpened dagger.

"Alright, just remember it was your choice."

He took the dagger from it's scabbard and raised it above his head. Akia quickly pulled out her dagger as she saw Statch start thrusting his down. She quickly turned, but when she did glass and alcohol covered her face. She got a few cuts on her cheeks, but it was no big deal. Stetch was still standing, but his dagger was now on the floor. They all couldn't believe what they had seen, he reacted so fast and with barely any time left. Stetch fell backwards onto his back, the stranger getting up and stood on his body.

"So, do any of you want some?" he asked.

They grunted and took out their daggers, but it wasn't but two seconds until they dropped them. They stood in fear as they looked at his face, the three marks on his face.

"That-That's impossible, you can't be him!" one yelled.

He grabbed his own dagger and brought it out for the men to see.

"Now, which is it, easy way or hard way?"

They didn't bother answering, they all scrambled out and ran down the dirt rode away from the tavern. He slid his dagger back into it's holder and grabbed another bag of coins from his jacket and tossed it back to the tenant.

"You should be able to re-supply with that." he said, walking out of the building, leaving the guards to deal with Stetch.

As the her fellow guards took Stetch to prison, Akia went on a search for the man that could have possibly saved the village. She had a clue to where he might be, if he was who she thought he was. She walked to the middle of the village and looked around, they had many stands there for crops and seeds, but the one building that stood out the most was a black shop that was on it's own in a large lot. She didn't see any reason why she couldn't investigate, she cautiously approached the door and opened it slowly. The door creaked as she closed it behind herself, the room smelled of melted metal and was humid. Near the door was a large anvil, no doubt used to hammer the steel into the blade, behind it was a fireplace, most likely used to heat it up, and beside the anvil was a bucket was water, it already had ten swords inside of it which meant whoever lived here worked hard.

She could see a small bed under a window on the other side of the room and pictures of a man and woman with a small child next to them. Above the pictures was something that she had never seen before, it looked like a giant claw, it stretch down almost five and a half feet and two feet across, definitely bigger than her, but a little shorter. She reached out to touch it when she felt a hand reach for her shoulder, on instinct she grabbed her dagger and swung around, impaling whoever grabbed her in the chest. Her eyes widened as she looked closely at the figure. It was the man from the tavern, and she had just stabbed him.

He looked down and grabbed the dagger handle and pulled it out followed by a small grunt.

"What have you done?" he asked, walking towards her with the blood soaked dagger.

She backed up against the wall, the mans eyes looking directly into hers, as if he was looking into her soul.