There they were: two young performing artists, sharing a couch, sharing feelings about what they have to deal with in this big city.

"It wasn't supposed to be this way" Pauline said

"Well, then tell me: how it was supposed to be?" Dwayne asked

"You know what I'm talking about: I've been here for five years, waiting for my big chance in Hollywood hasn't come yet"

"Oh, you're not the only one babe...sometimes...sometimes I think nobody will ever listen to my music"

"Don't say that sweetie" Pauline comforted him "Your songs are awesome, and I know someday you will find your big're at least closer than what I'm gonna ever be"

"You're being too harsh with yourself, aren't you?"

"I had another audition today and...I didn't get the role..."

In the past, the rejection would be enough to make Pauline cry, but not now: she was getting used to it, and in a way, that is so much sadder...

"It's OK babe, I'll be with you, no matter what..." Dwayne told her after she kissed her gently in a cheek.

"I know, and thank you...I'm not sure if I could tolerate all of this by myself"

"You are a beautiful, talented woman, and you're stronger than what you think you are, BUT...if you're feeling lonely, you don't have to carry with that weight on your shoulders: let me help you..."

"I will...I do..."

"Cut!" The director exclaimed

"How did I do it?" The young actress asked as she rose from the couch

"A little too artificial for my taste" the director's assistent whispered "it just didn't feel...real at all"

"Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing..." The director answered "We will call you back, thanks for coming!" he said to the young actress

But the actress knew that such a call would never gonna happen, and that is nothing more than a sign of politeness.

The actress left the building to return to her apartment, dissapointed, but then again, she was getting used to it.

"Hi babe! How are you?" Her boyfriend, a musician asked her

"Well, I could be better..."

" you did not..."


The couple sat on the couch, in silent, until the actress finally found the strenght to release a little of the dissapointment she was feeling.

"It wasn't supposed to be this way..."