Drabble 1

Quinn sat up abruptly in bed, not really knowing what caused his sudden consciousness. The room was dark and Quinn could only see faint outlines of his things. Running a hand through his hair he looked over to Gael. He was sleeping soundly. Quinn could only make out his hair splayed on the pillow and the lean figure of his naked back and shoulder.

But something wasn't right. Quinn could feel it in his bones. He was surprised Gael didn't wake up either. But then again Quinn's aura has always been more sensitive.

Almost on cue Gael jerked awake suddenly. His grey eyes blinked sleepily as he forced himself to wake up. Quinn was momentarily distracted by his lover's scantly clothed body. Gael was all lean muscle and tan skin. Quinn flushed as he remembered their late night escapade between the sheets. As a matter of fact his body was still humming from it.

Quinn felt Gael's aura brush his slightly, it was a habit of Gael's, as if he was reassuring it was really him. Quinn's aura reacted to the gentle touch and Gael relaxed.

"What's going on?" Gael asked, rubbing his eyes.

"I don't know," Quinn whispered, moving unconsciously closer to Gael. "Something doesn't feel right. I'm pretty sure it was a flare."

Gael woke up suddenly at the word, "You think it's a flare? Are you sure?"

"Have I ever been wrong?" Quinn countered.

"Yeah, okay, point taken," he muttered. He kissed him quickly as he shuffled out of bed. His bare body was plain to see as he searched for boxers. A familiar tingling sensation traveled through Quinn's body. His face reddened as his mind wandered.

Gael shoots Quinn a look, knowing full well what he was thinking, "Your aura is not making it easy to concentrate Quinn."

"Well maybe you should put some clothes—."

He didn't get to finish his sentence because at that moment there was a sort of ripple in the air caused by another aura. The frequency was similar to a person teleporting.

"Holy shit!" Blaise says, covering his eyes and turning around. "Why the hell are you guys naked?!"

Gael rolled his eyes and scowls, "We're lovers, in our bedroom, at 3:00 in the morning. It's not that hard to figure out. And I told you not to teleport just anywhere, Blaise!"

Seeming to recover slightly, Blaise straightened but did not turn around. Quinn took the time to also find some clothes to put on.

"Yeah, but you tell me not to do a lot of stuff that I do anyway," he said. Gael growled irritably at the student. "No offense but it's really creepy that you guys like have sex. You're like, my teachers, and you're old, and therefore it's just wrong."

This time Quinn scowled, "Blaise we are not old. And frankly your nose in my sex life is 'just wrong'."

"Whatever you say Professor," he said, turning around once Gael and Quinn were properly clothed. Blaise himself was wearing an odd assortment of clothing. He had on a scarf, army boots, wide-legged pants, and a tight shirt that said "Co-ed band: Do it to the music".

Flicking his naturally auburn hair from his face he looked toward his teachers, "I'm sure you realized that a flare went off? I mean it was kind of hard to miss. I'm sure everyone a 2 mile radius knows now. I swear Professor Fawcett has no tact—."

Gael crossed his arms impatiently, "Get to the point please Blaise."

The kid in question rolls his eyes, "Fawcett sent it out. There's trouble in Java apparently. Humans and Harems are at it again on school grounds in front of the Union Building."

Quinn's eyebrows draw together in worry, "In front of the Union? Who's there now?"

Blaise shrugged, "Just some of the staff there. At this time of night it was probably only the guards, but there are not a lot of them. Fawcett sent me to get the Profs."

"Is anyone hurt?"

Gael seemed annoyed, "I don't care whose hurt. This is a school, not a war ground." As he talked he put on a shirt and a cloak over it. Quinn followed his movements, also putting on his cloak. Gael stared at him, "You're staying here Quinn."

"Like hell I am," Quinn said indignantly.

"Quinn…" Gael sighed, running his fingers through his hair, little static aura discharges followed in his hand's wake. "I can deal with it, just go back to sleep."

"Gael, it isn't that big of a deal. Fawcett sent for us—which includes me— and I plan on going," Quinn said stubbornly.

Gael muttered something under his breath but didn't protest. Blaise looked between the two with a raised eyebrow, obviously not familiar with the two of them behind public eye.

"Fine," Gael sighed. "Let's go then."

In a few short seconds and a couple pangs of nausea later, the three of them successfully teleported to the Union.

It was in chaos. Humans were there, along with the slit-eyed, forked tonged Harems. The guards had pretty much subdued the offenders and Professors were teleporting in. However, the green grass was in clumps, pots of exotic flowers were overturned, and the glass windows to the Union were shattered.

The Harems and the Humans were on opposite sides of the yard. They were being treated with injuries, whilst being chewed out by many outraged Professors. However the tensions were still high, as each party kept giving dirty looks across the lawn.

Gael finally spotted Fawcett and walked over, Quinn close at his heels.

Fawcett was a tall were-man with a close shave and yellow eyes. He was talking to one of the guards that were on the scene when Gael arrived.

"What happened, Fawcett?" he asked his colleague.

"Gael! Quinn!" Fawcett said. He had bags under his eyes as if he'd been there for a while. "We've just gotten the situation controlled I think. I'm terribly sorry to wake you, but I was forced to call…"

"Its fine David," Quinn reassured. "I think we all knew tension would break somewhere with all the controversy."

"Yes," he sighed rubbing his face. "No one was seriously injured thankfully."

"Anything we can do to help?" Gael asks, grey eyes surveying the destroyed lawn.

Fawcett waved his hand dismissively, "We can fix that with a few spells. But the students will have to be questioned and given a punishment of course. Do you mind?"

"No problem," Gael said. "I sure as hell have a lot to say to them."

He placed a warm hand on Quinn's shoulder, "Why don't you heal them? I'll meet you back at home by tomorrow...or I guess it's today now."

"Alright," Quinn complied, kissing Gael on the cheek as he leaves. "Thanks David."

"Yeah," Fawcett answered a little late. Quinn knew what he was thinking, his aura turned green around the edges in envy. He'd always had quite a thing for Quinn.

Walking across the mangled lawn to the Harems, Quinn sighed. There were about twenty of them, all wearing identical looks of loathing. Some of the younger ones however just looked scared. Most likely they were in for the ride but then freaked out once they learned they'd get reprimanded. They'll probably end up with a slap on the hand. But the older ones were bitter from the Circle meeting not too long ago.

Quinn could hear Gael yelling at a group of 9th year students who looked ashamed under their Professor's angry stare. Quinn approached and saw the same thing on this side. Tobias was giving some Harems similar, if not worse, treatment.

"Tobias," Quinn said, interrupting his fuming. Tobias looked up and so did the Harems, who looked relieved at the sight of Quinn.

Tobias was also a Harem, which would explain why he was so red, smoke could have come out his ears. He was very handsome, with a round Harem-like face, full lips, light hair, and huge expressive Harem-like eyes. As they settled on Quinn they softened.

"Quinn," he said in a strained tone though Quinn knew it wasn't because of him. "God I'm so pissed I could—excuse me," turning toward the Harems, "And do you know how embarrassing this is? You shame the name of Harems! This will be all over the news this morning! I can see it now: Colfax's Harem Students go on Rampage on School Campus! Is that how you want to be remembered?!"

"Tobias," Quinn said softer, trying to calm him down. "How about I help you out?"

Tobias grunted, "I never took you for the yelling type, Quinny."

"I'm here to heal their wounds Toby," he replied.

"Oh, right," he mumbled. Quinn caught sight of red showing through Tobias' cloak.

"Are you hurt?" Quinn asked touching his shoulder softly. It came back red. "Sit down Tobias, let me fix it."

Tobias sighed but gave Quinn an amused smile, "I'm fine Quinny, it's nothing."

Quinn rolled his eyes, "I wasn't asking Tobias. It'll only take a second."

Tobias oblidged and let Quinn roll down this sleeve. A smooth expanse of brown skin splotched with blood oozing from a cut was on his shoulder. Quinn concentrated his aura into the palm of his hand and placed it gently on his shoulder. His fingers were glowing the silver color of his aura, at the same time the distinct smell of vanilla wafted around. Soon the cut was healed.

"Now for you," Quinn murmured, staring at the wide-eyed Harems.

"So that's the Healing Hand spell?" a 5th year student asked curiously. "I've never seen it before."

"That is because only people with pure auras can heal at all. Isn't that right Professor?" an older Harem asked. His name was Kai, Quinn had him in one of his classes. He was very smart, almost a know-it-all, and very strong-minded.

"Yes," Quinn said absentmindedly. He surveyed the cut on Kai's cheek. "Let me fix that for you."

Placing his hand on Kai's right cheek, he heard Tobias mumble something about them not deserving to be healed. Kai flinched instinctively when Quinn touched him but Quinn didn't bother wondering why.

"Any more cuts?" he asked the student once he was done.

Kai's eyes were slightly dilated, but he said a firm, "No."

"Go to the Professors over there when Quinn's done with you," Tobias said gruffly. "They'll be deciding your punishment." Tobias was gesturing at a group of thoroughly put out students surrounded by a plethora of staff who were discussing their fates. Gael was in this group, talking to another Professor.

Kai nodded sourly but dejectedly before walking over to join them, Tobias not far behind.

"Professor Quinn?" a 3rd year said nervously. "Please don't punish me! I didn't know it was going to be—I mean…I wasn't going to hurt the humans or anything. I swear!"

His older classmates shot him angry looks through slit eyes. The 3rd year, whose name was Jo, blushed and recoiled from their gazes.

"Then you shouldn't have come, Runt," a boy named Viv snapped, harshly baring his teeth. "No one forced you to."

"Chill out Viv," another Harem named Harper said with calm blue eyes. "He's just a kid."

"I don't give a—."

"Ivan," Quinn said, silencing him immediately. "You're all in trouble," Quinn looked at Jo, "even you." Jo turned white and Quinn sighed and softened his gaze, "However, if you didn't do anything, just tell them, they'll let you off easy okay?"

Jo nodded nervously.

"Viv, what the hell happened to your face?" he asked incredulously.

The handsome red-headed Harem smirked, "Some human decided it would be a good idea to rearrange it. Don't worry, you should see what I did to him."

"Ivan," Quinn said, trying to hold in his fury. "You're one of my best students. What the hell possessed you to do this?" he asked, gesturing to the Union and the humans.

"Don't act like you don't know Professor," Viv growled. "You know what that Human said about us in the Circle. What they think! No one else was doing anything about it!"

Quinn scowled dangerously at him. Viv matched his gaze steadily but with respect only Quinn received. Quinn, however did not care about the admiration at that moment, he was livid. His silver aura was like a doppelganger to his soul and swirled angrily around him like those of the other Professors. The fresh smell of vanilla was not friendly now.

"Damn it Viv! And you Harper!" he hissed at the blue-eyed boy who just glared regretfully at the ground. "You know better than this! Everything we teach you in class is about respecting everyone no matter the race!"

Viv's nostrils flared angrily, "The human said it first! He called us scum!"

"And you are to follow his example! You're only proving him right!" Quinn snapped and then forced himself to calm down. "He was wrong Viv, we all know that. You should have made him seem like a fool by standing alone, but you've gone and stood with him!"

"Profs right Viv," Harper frowned. "You know he is."

Jo whimpered.

Viv crossed his arms looking moody and avoiding Quinn's gaze. Quinn crouched down to the level Viv was sitting and took his face in his hands. Viv looked up wide-eyed as Quinn kissed his forehead. He was blushing as red as his hair, until he realized it was a spell, healing his injuries on his body instantly. Quinn snorted and Viv scowled half-heartedly.

"You are an idiot," he said flicking his forehead and glaring softly. "You don't think!"

"You too Harper," Quinn scolded. He kissed him, as well as Jo, and the other two that were siting with them. "Now go over there, I hope all your asses are suspended," but it was said half-heartedly.

As most of them left, Viv stayed behind, yellow eyes defiant, "I'm not sorry Professor."

Quinn looked at him with a raised eye-brow, "Viv…"

"I mean it," he said, eyes flashing, aura swirling inside him. "You don't understand. I remember how I was raised, and it's not happy. I don't hold grudges Prof but this is something I can't forgive. They killed my parents, Quinn, and I remember every moment."

Quinn sighed and touched his should, Viv did not flinch away, "You must understand, not all humans are like that. My father was human; does that mean you hate me too?"

"Your father wasn't human Professor," he said. Quinn couldn't put another word in edgewise before he stomped off, his aura a whole mess of feelings.

Quinn groaned in frustration but his heart understood the boy's feelings. Gael was much the same when he was younger. He was bright and talkative and made friends just as easily Viv could. But inside was a swirling essence just waiting to lash out. Gael's mother was killed by humans and left him clinging to life when he was just eight. It had taken a while to get Gael to forgive and forget.

When Quinn approached Gael, he rested his head on his shoulder. Gael raised an eyebrow but kissed Quinn's nose affectionately. Taking his hand they moved away from the crowd.

"You okay?" he asked quietly. His yellow eyes were like liquid gold in the dim light.

"Yeah," Quinn murmured, running his hand down his face. He was suddenly aware of his heavy eyes and lead body. "You know what this reminds me of?"

Gael chuckled, "What, love?"

"Remember that time in our 6th year when you punched that one guy because he accidently bumped into you. And then you called him all sorts of derogatory words in front of everyone," Quinn chuckled. "The Professors chewed you out for weeks. And the kid's parents came to the school they were so angry."

"It seems as though I've suddenly lost all memory regarding my childhood," Gael said and Quinn rolled his eyes. "Oh wait it's come back now. I'm having a distinctive flashback of you yelling at me a few hours after that and calling me an arrogant, insensitive, insolent, prick."

"You forgot capricious."

"Of course, that too," Gael laughed. "What does that have to do with now though?"

"Don't you remember?" Quinn said. "The kid was human."

Gael's face fell slightly. His fingers tightened on Quinn's hand. He whispered, "Yeah, I remember. That's why I was so pissed off when I learned what happened here."

"I was talking to Ivan just now," Quinn mused, leaning against Gael thoughtfully. "He reminded me so much of you it was scary."

"Viv?" he asked. His other hand rubbed circles on Quinn's arm. "Yeah, I heard about what happened to his family. Sounds familiar doesn't it…"

"Hm," Quinn murmured. His eyes slid shut, "God I'm so tired. We have to teach tomorrow and everything."

Gael stood up straighter and caressed Quinn's cheek. He kissed him softly and said, "Go home okay? Get as much rest as you can, I'll be there soon."

"Yeah," Quinn said with a yawn. "Okay, be careful."

When Quinn arrived home he immediately peeled of his clothes and slumped onto the bed. His eyes grew heavy and he barely got under the covers before he was asleep.