1- Decline
A slackjawed mirror keeps telling me lies late one thursday morning
when I don't have to work because the world is ending in an hour
Schools are canceled No one goes to work And no one's crying
because the world is on antidepressants to remind her
not to hate herself But I will drink more damn it all
That mirror should keep itself quiet I'll enjoy
my last three bottles of jack daniels'
this hour Today won't be a day
for the picture books i read
with my mom at age five
How did I get here
there's no time
left It can't be
like this End
like this

2- Dull
won't answer me because she's gone
and all the world is gone away from
me Don't you understand they all died
and left me here Walking on scorched
streets and red-hot asphalt Feet sting
like my eyes in the sun I only got up
to wash the prozac i don't need down
with alcohol and not a warm glass of
milk because my mother is dead to me
and to you You bastard Fuck you and
everything about you this is my world
and i will live in it I will live here Not
anywhere else It's time for a change

3- Death
Force it down Nectar
on my throat on my gums
like water or fire and on my lips like anesthetic
to make the dark side
of the moon show itself
There's no one for it to hide from
because the world lost all
sensation One pill too many
for the liver One
too few for a numb heart
A discordant symphony playing
its final notes Watch
me fade away
I can't move Can't
change direction Can't stop I said
now Watch
me fade away