"Nervous?" His lips spread wide as he caught sight of Selina brushing out the wrinkles in her dress.

"Relieved, actually." Her shoulders softened as she looked up. "For the first time in my life, I belong somewhere." She took his hand when he offered it. "I have a home."

"And, it always will be your home." Leaning in leisurely, Leopold gave her a tender hug.

"Thank you, Leopold." As she wrapped her arms around him, he gently patted her back. "For everything."

"You are very welcome, Selina." Backing away slowly, he beamed down at her. "I look forward to having another daughter to dote on."

"I will go and get your flowers." Gwendolyn brushed her hair out of her face and vanished in the direction of the house.

"I shall leave you two to finish."

Stepping away at a leisurely pace, Leopold sighed softly as he thought about his Evangeline. His beloved wife had been the center of his world until she passed away. Every day after that, he had done everything in his power to make sure their children never wanted for anything. A warm edge to the breeze drifted passed him and he felt the light of her smile on his face.

"It is such a beautiful day." Leopold drew in a deep breath and gazed up at the thick covering of white clouds. "Quite perfect for the occasion."

"Very much so." Sebastian combed his fingers through his hair. Glancing down, he carefully centered his tie.

"Gwendolyn is diligently attending to the bride." He placed his hand on his son-in-law's shoulder and gave it a gentle pat. "Perhaps, you should go roust the groom."

"I am sure Alden is doing quite well." Blowing out a deep sigh, he walked away slowly.

"I have no doubts, but you are his sister's husband." A light grin came to his lips.

"And?" He paused and looked back over his shoulder.

"Some well-meaning advice, Sebastian." Shaking his head gently, Leopold chucked softly to himself as Sebastian continued onward.

As he walked along the path, one foot in front of the other, he mulled through his thoughts to find something to say. He paused at the tree trunk a few feet away from his brother-in-law and smiled to himself. Seeing the man, brows furrowed and eyes narrowed, fidgeting with his tie, the memory of his own wedding day shifted into his head. Sebastian ran a hand down his face and remembered who disconnected he was before he found Gwendolyn.

"Come to give me advice?" Alden turned his head briefly trying to recall how to tie a boxed knot.

"At Leopold's request." Casting his brother-in-law a sideways look, he watched the man fidget with the loose tie around his neck.

"Advise away." He dropped his hands to allow his brother-in-law to fix the tie.

"Honestly, I do not believe you need any." Sebastian gently bit down on his tongue as he twisted the silken fabric. "I could advise you to protect her or love her with all you have, but you already do that." Pulling his finger from the knot, he carefully straightened it to perfection. "You already have the honor, respect, and cherish down to a science." He gave the man a hard pat on the shoulder. "And, I highly doubt obedience fits either of you."

"I am sorry to leave you without anything to say." Swiftly brushing his fingers over the tie at his throat, Alden took a step toward the path.

"I do have something to say." He squeezed Alden's shoulder when the man tried to move away.

"Oh?" Pausing quickly, he glanced over at Sebastian with a raised brow.

"I am glad you finally found her."

As he released his hand and lowered it to his side, he offered a smile before leisurely walking away. Gwendolyn smiled up at her husband as they passed each other along the path. She raised the flowers in her hands and glanced down as Alden walked passed them. As he turned to follow the groom toward the ceremony location, she continued moving toward where Selina was waiting.

"How are you fairing?" Gwendolyn walked through the covering of branches and smiled.

"Quite well." Turning from the white blossoms on the limb in front of her, Selina glanced over her shoulder. "I just never thought a few hours could drag on so slowly."

"Anticipation has an adverse effect on time." She moved forward carefully cradling the blush pink blooms in her arms.

"Yes, it does."

Selina drew in a deep breath and let it out very slowly to take in the last few moments before the ceremony. Her eyelids drifted closed as a warm breeze drifted by carrying the sweet scent of the apple blossoms in its wake. Gentle pressures and pulls were felt on her hair as Gwendolyn worked pink roses into the mass of curls on her head. Stray chocolate tresses danced over her shoulders and down her back.

"You are ready." Gwendolyn stepped back to look at her with a smile on her lips. She handed Selina a bouquet of blush pink roses and white apple blossoms. "He will be breathless when he sees you."

Leaning in to tuck the last stray curl up into the mound, she kissed Selina's cheek and moved away. Gwendolyn took her place on the other side of the minister from Sebastian, a glowing pride radiating from her smile. She winked at Alden as he took his cue to turn and face the path between the trees serving as the aisle. When his eyes came to rest on the vision of perfect beauty Selina was, his face morphed from surprise to exasperation.

As she took her slow steps toward Alden, the breeze shook the blossom branches above sending a rain of petals down on her. Selina looked to Alden waiting for her at the end of the path. A smile curled at her lips as a budding warmth within her blossomed through her entire body. She drew in a deep breath filled with the soft fresh scent of the blossoms.

"You are the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in all my years." His eyes searched over her face as she stopped beside him.

"Give the credit to Gwendolyn." A stray curl brushed over the skin of her cheek as she glanced over at the woman for merely an instant. "She is responsible for the gown and my hair."

"She has exceeded her duties, and I will be forever grateful." He brushed the curl behind her ear and gave a subtle nod to his sister.

"We can discuss my payment later."

Ripples of laughter moved through the three of them bringing a smile to Leopold's face. Even Sebastian, though he worked hard to hide it, could not deny the impulse of happiness and smiled. Ronald gestured to the pair and opened the black leather book in his hand. Selina handed her bouquet to Gwendolyn and joined her hands with Alden's. He gave her hands a gentle squeeze as they exchanged shy smiles and tender expressions.

"Spring is the season of rebirth and growth, and this is why we are here today." Carefully, he read from the open pages of the book in his hand. "These two have been reborn into the generous arms of love and have grown deeper within each other despite the obstacles placed before them." Lowering the book, he gestured to the couple standing before him. "Alden, Selina, your request was for simple, like yourselves, but I know nothing of the love you have built has been simple." He gave a deep, throaty chuckle as he turned a page. "Though, I must say, you do make it appear quite effortless."

"That they do." The words tumbled from Gwendolyn's mouth as her eyes lay to rest on the blissful couple.

"Do you, Alden Edmund Garring, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Lifting his gaze up from the book in his hand, Reverend Parker looked to Alden.

"I do." Alden looked into Selina's eyes and smiled widely at the emerald twinkle.

"And, do you, Selina Evelyn Dowell, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" As he turned to Selina, a subtle smile graced his wrinkled face.

"I do." She gave his hands a gentle squeeze and returned his smile.

"The rings." Reverend Parker held out his hand and Sebastian stepped forward to place the two sliver bands in his hand. He left his hand out for Alden and Selina to take each other's rings. "With these rings as a symbol of your everlasting love for each other, may you be blessed with happiness for the rest of your days." Once he slipped Selina's ring on her finger, she placed Alden's ring on his. "You may now kiss the bride."

Even before the words were spoken, the others joining in their joy had faded away from their conscious minds. A warm spring breeze had carried them away into a cloud of their own long ago. Alden and Selina leaned in toward each other to share a passionate kiss. His hand gently cupped her cheek drawing them deeper into each other.