Distance. It's what separates us all. Whether it be an ocean or the desolate pain of forced negotiation, distance can control even the strongest of beings.

Bridges have been built. Tunnels have been sculpted. Cars have been invented. Trains. Bikes. Planes. Boats. Feet can bring us closer and effectively mend the gaps and spaces between two intertwined souls.

Letters have grown obsolete with the ubiquitous hum of the internet and the quick connection it holds with it. Facebook. AIM. Myspace. E-mail. Video chat. Speaking over and through the cavities ties us and holds us still.

We create relationships that capture us for a lifetime. His laugh. Her cries. His voice. Her skin. The way we move and feel.

Memories become more important with age, yet they tend to fade as the brain grows old.

Still, we remember what it feels like to hold hands and dance under the moonlight. Shiver with the cold, wintry breeze. Huddle with the rays of the sun. Touch with the wooing of the dandelion. We remember the heat of the other's destiny and not even distance could tear that apart.