Friday 6:00 am

Illuminated on a wide computer monitor, two Characters ran over a beautifully animated hill, one a warrior class female in a skimpy red and silver skirt wielding a glowing axe, suddenly stopped moving on the screen. Fingers flew over keys, and quickly the message appeared at the bottom of the screen.

Rose_Thorn: I don't have very long before I have to get ready for work, are you sure we can take it on by ourselves?

The second animated character, a male with long black hair wearing the purple robes of the healer class, stopped slightly ahead of Rose_Thorn. There was a slight pause before another message appeared under hers.

PhyreElf23: You need to quit that job, so you can play during the day with me.

Harmony, the person behind the keyboard for the tough axe wielding cartoon on the screen laughed out loud to herself. She knew that PhyreElf23 was probably either a loser or just a kid, but either way, she figured he still lived with his parents. How else could he be on this game as often as he was? Regardless, it was too much fun playing with him to ruin her fantasy with thoughts of the person behind the screen. In fact, they rarely talked about real life at all, sticking to in game banter.

Rose_Thorn: I wouldn't be able to afford my internet connection if I quit my job, and you would miss me!

PhyreElf23: Perhaps…but you could always come over to my house for a LAN party.

Harmony frowned at the screen. They did know enough about each other to have figured out that by extreme coincidence, they lived in the same city. He was also supposedly 26 years old and unmarried, but she hadn't asked much more than that. She contemplated her response for a moment. Wouldn't it be exciting to meet her friend face to face? She spent more time with him in the game than she spent with anyone in the real world. Still, the prospects of being severely let down made her nervous, so she decided the safest route was to ignore his comment for the time being. It wasn't the first time he had suggested a meeting, always in a casual or joking sort of way, yet still the offer stood on the table. She glanced at the clock again. If they didn't take this monster on soon, she was going to be late to work. She didn't think Mr. Calvin would take the excuse for her tardiness that she was in the middle of an epic battle with the Great Warlord Ogre. Just thinking about her boss made her stomach turn. He was a spoiled, egotistical bastard that was used to getting his way or no way. It was her only string to sanity, that he rarely actually showed up at the office, preferring phone calls, web conferences, and emails. He was impossible to please, and she really did contemplate quitting often. Still, every time he did show up he made her flustered and weak in the knees, which really just pissed her off since she detested the man.

Rose_Thorn: Just keep me healed, will ya? I don't want to lose any more experience points.

PhyreElf23: Aye Aye, Captain.

With fingers placed carefully on specific keys, the warrior on the screen moved forwardto face the large blue Ogre. The healer stood back, casting occasional buffs and heals, as they slowly defeated the adversary together.