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Saturday 8 a.m

Harmony was staring the man who was still sound asleep on her couch. She was chewing on a strand of loose hair and holding a steaming coffee cup in one hand. She'd thankfully remembered to wrapped her big fluffy robe around herself before exiting her room. She had tried to get Eli to go home the night before. She only had one bed after all, and he'd be awfully uncomfortable on the couch. He had countered that he wouldn't mind sharing the bed, and she had gone into her room and shut the door. She had locked it for good measure, even though she really wasn't afraid that Eli would come creeping in on her in her sleep. He wasn't that kind of man. In fact, part of her that she didn't want to think about was not only relieved to have him there for safety, but thrilled to have the company. Since leaving college, she'd led a lonely life aside from work.

She sighed, switching her mug to the other hand. She had to admit Eli Calvin was a handsome man. In fact, he looked absolutely precious relaxingly sprawled out there on her sofa, blanket only half covering him. His hair, no longer impeccable styled, scattered across his face obscuring his closed eyes. She scowled, mentally scolding herself. He was her boss, and she wasn't allowed to think like that. With a sigh, she disappeared back into her room where the bathroom was connected. Maybe a nice long hot shower would set her mind right.

She stripped down and got under the steamy water, moaning as it cascaded over her aching muscles. She'd been so tense since yesterday evening. The water felt wonderful, but it did little to stop her train of thoughts from going where she was desperately trying to keep them away from. She told him things, or rather she had told things to a faceless/nameless man on the internet, thinking she would never meet him in real life, never have to look him in the face. Her skin flushed at the thought. He knew too much about her now. It made her vulnerable.

PhryeElf23: So no boyfriends?

Rose_Thorn: Ha no

PhyreElf23: Never?

Rose_Thorn: Not since college, I'm a hermit now, remember.

PhyreElf23: Random sex?

Rose_Thorn: Excuse me? LOL

PhyreElf23: So no one night stands of FB's either?

Rose_Thorn: FB's?

PhyreElf23: Ya know, F*ck Buddies

Rose_Thorn: Unless you count my rabbit

PhyreElf23: Your what? o.O

Rose_Thorn: *^_^* Google it


PhyreElf23: HA nice! Tell me about it...

She winced, pulling herself from the memory. What an idiot she had been, because she had indeed told him about it...and in detail. She had liked knowing that it was turning him on. It had made her feel powerful and sexy, but now...now he was asleep on her couch and she didn't feel either one of those things. This mixed with her little stalker incident last night left her only feeling mortification and the need to simply disappear. She banged her head lightly against the tile. Surely there was another good job out there...

Friday 8:05 am

Eli cracked open his eyes after Harmony had left the room. He sniffed...coffee. He scrambled off the couch still somewhat disoriented, certain that only a moment ago Harmony had been in the room. Was he dreaming? Then he heard the shower running and oh yeah, there was coffee! He got up, rubbing his eyes and trying to straighten his hair with his fingers as he walked to the kitchen. He helped himself to a cup of coffee, thinking about his shy employee. At least that's what he had thought, apparently she had a double personality, because in the game she was bold, sassy, sexy, and she took chances. In reality, Harmony was entirely more bland. He smiled to himself, sipping the coffee. Maybe he could spice her up.

Friday 8:25

Harmony, now dried and dressed after her shower, finally ventured forth from the refuge of her room. She found Eli in her kitchen, drinking her coffee, and judging by how much was missing from the pot, he was already on his second cup. She didn't mind though, because he was a damn fine sight, standing there in nothing but his boxers, leaning against her counter sipping the brew.

"Goodmornin'" He drawled, giving her seductive looking smile.

She shut her mouth, so the drool wouldn't fall out, and tried to form words. Eli quirked a brow at her. Great, now he would think she was completely socially incompetent.

"Eh..ugh...Goodmorning...you're still here." She finally managed

He scoffed, "I thought you said you'd still respect me in the morning, Darlin'."

"What...Oh." She caught on the fact that he was joking and shook her head, "I just thought since it was daylight, you might not want to hang around..."

He shrugged, and didn't offer any other reply.

Harmony turned and went back to the living room, relieving herself from the temptation to openly gawk at him. She sat on the couch and turned on her laptop. Not feeling like now was an appropriate time to log onto Blade World, she decided to check Facebook. Yeah, Facebook, that's what normal people did right?

After taking a few moment to scan it over, she learned things like: Her little sister Alice was having a bad day, because Mr. Phillips was failing her in chemistry...again, Her friend Angela had a hot date tonight, and some guy she'd known in highschool was listening to an acid metal band she'd never heard of. She sighed and closed the laptop as Eli sauntered into the living room, apparently confident in only his underwear. She looked down, cheeks turning red.

He grinned, "So what are we doing today?"

"Today?" She squeaked a little surprised. She had been expecting him to go home at any moment.

"Yeah, if anyone's going to stalk you, its gonna be me...openly." He affirmed, "So what should we do?"

Friday 8:30 am

Ben paced the worn floor in his apartment. Who was that man that had gone into Harmony's apartment? That bastard had stayed the whole night. He stopped and looked out the window. Sure enough, the bright yellow expensive looking car was still parked outside. What was she doing? Didn't she know she belonged to him. This was an outrage...it was unacceptable. He took up his pacing again. Mystery man couldn't stay there for ever. Eventually, she'd be alone again, and then he would make his move. Deep down, she must love him. She just needed him to show her. That was all. She would come to her sense. He'd make her...or else.