A/N: Another of the 100ThemeChallenge, this one is a kind of snapshot from I Found Away, of later events. Just a little teaser sort of thing - as always, reviews will be looked after, given a good home and will be returned. Enjoy.

"I've got the latest statistics."

The South African accent filtered into her mind from the small device positioned near her ear. Kitty froze, glancing sideways at her companion. He wore dark clothes, matching hers and covering every inch of skin, squeezing it tightly. Beneath the material she could see his muscles, muscles that she'd helped him gain.

"Shoot," she whispered, one hand resting on the gun at her side.

"The base outside of Merthyr," he muttered, typing on his keyboard as he spoke, "contains more than three hundred prisoners, all of which are infected."


"Sixty-seven percent of them are kids, Cat."

She nodded, glancing towards the man who stood beside her, as he had done for the last couple of months. Beneath the thin black material covering his face, she saw his eyes flash. He was waiting for instructions.

"I'm on it," she told the South African, before giving the man a curt nod and running forward. Side by side, they traversed the rooftop, bounding forward when they came to the edge and sailing across the gap, both landing gracefully on the other side before sprinting forward once more.

* * *

The Black Cat stood staring down into the valley. Her back straightened, as she stared at the building that dominated the land. It was built near the bottom of the opposite side, sloping upwards with the edge of the valley. She grimaced, hating the sight of the sterile, grey building against the once green backdrop that had been the Welsh valleys.

"They destroyed everything," the man whispered, turning towards her. "We need to keep fighting."

"Always," she replied, closing her eyes for a brief second. When she opened them, she lifted her hands and felt the ends of the two swords that crossed her back. "You ready?"

"As ever," he shot back, and together the pair moved through the dying, decaying trees, heading towards the building.

* * *

Like most Amaris Institutes, the building in the valley was surrounded by a wire fence, electrocuted with barb wire running across the top and guards patrolling the perimeter. Not that any of this was a problem.

The Black Cat skidded to a stop near the wire, waving at the guard walking past. "Hey, dickhead!" she called, laughing as he raised the gun and shot, the bullet ripping through the wire. She reached forward with one gloved hand and quickly pulled the wire back, hand snapping back as the sensors felt her presence and sent their electric current through the wire.

It fizzled, as the guard spoke into his radio and called the others.

She laughed again, poked her tongue out and darted back, into the thick cover of the trees. He took her place, leaping through the open hole in the wire and racing towards the guards, body twisting and dodging the bullets. She smiled, proudly. She'd taught him that. She'd trained him.

As gracefully as an actual cat, she slid through the trees, body twisting slightly to make it through the tighter spots. Eventually, she was at the other side of the building, sneaking out of the trees and approaching the fence there. Off in the distance, she could see them still shooting at him, unable to hit him.

She grinned to herself.

Quickly, she broke through the fencing, using her own special skills to open it up and dive inside. Once she was on the other side of the fence, she pointed her palm towards a collection of boxes behind her and grinned when a steady stream of fire burst from her skin and incinerated the supplies.

Cries echoed around her as she ran forward and slammed her body against the door.

The door didn't open, but she remained against it, pushing her whole body up to it as she felt the heat rise up over her, eventually burning the door down.

"Hey, you!"

Without thinking twice, the Black Cat whirled around and aimed her hands at the agent standing behind her. He had been positioned to shoot, his gun pointing straight at her. With a flick of her wrists, the gun heated up and he dropped it. She winked at him, before watching his body burst into flames, his screams echoing around her, bound to draw more attention but she knew it was too late to worry about that now.

She bounded into the building, legs carrying her inside, eyes searching the labels on the walls.

The Black Cat skidded to a stop when she saw the large black and white sign reading Laboratories.


She'd been doing this for too long to know that that one simple word was evil, plain and simple. They were experimenting on them, and she highly doubted they were using the thirty-three per cent of adults to conduct their experiments.

She dove down one corridor, skidding to a stop and leaping behind a corner when she heard voices approaching. The Black Cat steadied her breathing, lifted her hands to form a cross behind her head, and waited.

"Participant #21 seems to be showing some good signs...we may be close to finding a cure for the infection that spread after the blast..."

"But our Gracious Leader Ryder wants it done too quickly for us to wait for a cure..."

She sank back, sinking further into the shadows as she listened, heart thumping in her ear.

"With every day that passes," the second voice hissed, "he comes closer to ordering a program too close to what was done in the twentieth century..." he paused. "He will try to exterminate them, starting with the Welsh and spreading into the rest of the United Kingdom."

Her body shuddered against the wall, her grip on the hilt of her swords tightening as she thought over the man's words.

"It will not go that far," the first voice replied, gentle, soothing. "It will not! We have enough time to cure them and..."

A robotic voice, distorted by the mechanics that filtered it through a microphone and broadcast it over the building, broke out from the few speakers in the corridor.

"Institute breach. Institute on red alert. I repeat, institute breach – all agents please report to main command base, all other personnel please report to the rooming base and wait for further instructions."

The two men turned and sprinted back down the corridor, away from the Black Cat. She felt her body relax as her grip loosened and she stepped back into the corridor, more determined than ever to get the kids out.

* * *

She tumbled backwards, falling over one of the tables and crashing onto the floor on the other side, groaning as she did so.

She did not expect this.

The other person moved forward, and all the Cat could hear was the heavy footsteps echoing around the lab, drilling into her ears. She was bleeding. She could feel the warm liquid seeping through her black clothes; she could feel the sting of the cut on her leg. But she had to get up. She had to fight.

So up the Black Cat jumped, shooting fire at the oncoming enemy, ignoring the pain or trying to ignore it, anyway. She screamed as the man's fist came towards her and smacked her across the head, causing her to fly across the room and smash into a table full of glass equipment.

More stinging, more blood, more cuts and she felt dizzy, light headed, it had never been this hard before...

Suddenly, a dark shape moved in front of her, standing between her and the other man, a protective shied. Her vision was blurry, but she could just about make out dark clothing with no emblem or insignia on them, a face covered by thin, black material. The man punched the one she had been fighting, and she lost track of the fight as they moved in and out of her vision, her head too heavy to move, eyes too weak to follow the fight.

The shape dropped down in front of her, reaching forward and wiping something cold and cool across her head, pulling it away to reveal a white cloth now stained with blood.

"Oy," he hissed, shaking her. "Get up, Cat. You need to get up."

She knew that voice.

"Oli?" she whispered, head lolling to the side. "What the bloody..."

He silenced her, shaking his head. "I wasn't going to let you two into a death trap, Cat. Now come on."

She nodded, allowing him to take her hand and lift her up, leading her away from the room.